Spring Inspired Winter Fashion

Happy Friday! We are now in that dead period of winter where the holidays are well behind us, but spring is still too far away. What about our wardrobe? Do we still hang out in sweaters and boots, or do we move toward softer florals and open-toe shoes? Fear not! I designed a Polyvore collection to help inspire a balance for this in-between period (note, the prices on some of these items may be very high. I will make sure to choose affordable pieces next time).

Baby BluesBaby Blues by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a watercolor painting

Channel your “winter blues” into soft pastels. Keep it grounded for winter with booties.

Floral Romance

Floral Romance by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring black flat shoes

A floral dress reminds us that spring is around the corner. Wear black tights underneath for modesty and warmth, and pair with darker accessories to keep it balanced.


Yellow by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring flat pointy shoes

Nothing says sunshine like these bold yellow pants. Again, keep it balanced with black (or dark navy) accessories. Oxford shoes keep it classy.

Fashion 2

Hey, there’s me! I actually found this plaid blouse at Goodwill, and belted it to give it shape. It has an earthy, springtime vibe. Once I pair it with a jacket and scarf, it will also be winter ready!

What’s your favorite thing to wear this time of year? Please comment below!

Love, Emily <3

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