Sick Day Fashion!

I’m back! Sorry I did not post on Monday. I got a flu bug that gave me bronchitis (everyone with asthma can feel my pain right now). So basically I was knocked out for most of the week. Now that I’m back, it’s time for fashion…sick day fashion! I know, not the most positive thing in the world. But it’s still winter and germs are surrounding us. Most of these collections are inspired by Victoria’s Secret Pink pieces because they are the luxury of comfort. There are also other brands sprinkled in. I thought it would be fun to try something different and imagine the perfect “stay at home” look.

Lazy Day rest
I love this color combination of mint and royal blue. And who wouldn’t want an Ariel blanket to snuggle up with?
Posh in Pink
Doesn’t this set just scream relaxation? The slipper booties might just be the best part. Pink is also an uplifting color for when you’re not feeling well.
Sick Day Out
When you need to go to the doctor’s or pharmacy, always make sure to have a nice hoodie to keep you warm. I’m starting to really love leopard print accents.
My Top 3 Tips for Healing from Sickness
1. Pray! Yes, God cares even about a common cold. Don’t be afraid to ask others to pray for you as well. God wants to help and heal you.
2. Rest! Please take some time to rest. I know we’re all busy, but when illnesses like the flu hit, it can turn serious very fast. School and work opportunities will always be there, but you only have one body.
3. Be a child! Remember that chicken noodle soup your mom used to make you when you were sick? Or what about beaching out on the couch watching cartoons when you were feeling bad? It’s ok to take some time and pamper yourself when you’re sick. Whether or not you live with your parents still, we can all use a little comfort when we’re under the weather.
Hope you all stay healthy this winter. How do you like to comfort yourself when you’re sick? Please comment below 🙂
Love, Emily <3

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