Career Chic!

Hey there everyone! I know that I’m not being the best blogger in the world by being late on posts, but I’m still catching up from my flu bug (sorry). Hang in there! This week things should get back to normal. Anyway…my sister made a request for me to design some office outfits for her. She is a career woman who loves her dress pants and heels, and I’m sure that there are many of you who would also like to see some classy work looks.

Career Chic

Pink is bright and girly, but it can also be professional. This olive blouse gives the outfit structure and balance.

Office Butterfly

Office Butterfly by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring sleeveless tops

Blue is always polished and professional, along with black dress pants. And the tailored blazer adds just a bit of edge to a classic look.

Pink Ladies

Pink is one of my sister’s favorite colors; and paired with grey, it looks amazing. A cardigan is perfect for everyday wear while the ruffled blouse keeps the look classy and polished.

A lot of the items here come from New York and Company and H&M. Maybe you all could help my sister out and tell me, what is your favorite place to shop for work/career clothes? Please comment below! 🙂

Love, Emily <3

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