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I have some exciting news! This year I’ve been doing yoga on a pretty regular basis, and it’s helped me quite a bit when it comes to my IBS. It’s also made me stronger and given me focus. Something I didn’t expect was that yoga would help me to connect with God.

Just for the record– yoga is not a religion. Yes it was practiced by Hindus, but just like any other exercise/meditation, it can be adapted to bring glory to God! Anything we do can either be just for ourselves and a distraction from Jesus, or it can lead us closer to Him. And yoga has definitely led me closer to my savior. And now for the exciting news…I’m going to become a yoga teacher! And the best part? It’s through a renowned Christian yoga school! I haven’t started training yet, but stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

So today’s fashion post is yoga fashion! Actually, these can be outfit inspirations for any exercise. A lot of the brands featured are Victoria’s Secret or Roxy, but I normally get all of my leggings and gear at T.J. Maxx because it’s a lot cheaper there.

Yoga Cat

Yoga Cat by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring leopard shoes

Leopard print is too cute (and fierce for the mat or gym)! Most yoga shorts are too short to be modest, but these knee length ones are the perfect length for spring and summer!

Calm and Serene

This pale blue color is so relaxing–good for a gentle practice or some night-time stretching. A good tip for modesty is to wear a light pullover over a tank-top.

Yoga in Pink!

Yoga in Pink! by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a yoga activewear

There are so many things I love about this set. A long tank-top covers everything; just make sure it’s fitted so it doesn’t fly up during down dog. These Nike Studio Wraps are great for traction and ankle support (I love them too much). Plus, the ballet ribbon and outdoor flats keep it gorgeous and functional.

(Note: I am not being endorsed/sponsored by any of these brands. I just truly like these products or find them helpful.)

So tell me, what cute fitness clothing/gear gets you on the mat? How do you honor your body, the temple God gave you? Please comment below! 🙂

Love, Emily <3

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