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All About Skirts

Nothing says spring like a breezy, colorful, comfy skirt right? Skirts are awesome because they’re so versatile. You can wear them to church, work, school, out to eat, on a date…the possibilities are endless. Here are my top 3 skirt trends for this spring. Have a great weekend everyone!

1. Tribal Print

 Tribal Peach

I’ve been seeing tribal print maxi skirts everywhere. They are great because they can be made casual or more formal depending on your top. And speaking of tops–layering a crop top over a higher waist maxi is adorable and classy.

2. Hi-Lo


This is the best of both worlds! Just make sure to try on these kinds of skirts to make sure the front length is not too short. Then get a cute pair of shoes or sandals to pull the look together.

3. Mixed Print

Natural Beauty

If you’re looking for a way to wear a skirt casually, then this is it. Feel free to mix floral, polka-dot, and graphic prints together for a fun vibe. The key to not looking crazy? Have one print that matches in the accessories (like the floral print in the necklace and shoes) and ground it all with a color theme (like this mint green).

So tell me ladies, do you like wearing skirts in spring? Or are you a jeans girl? Please comment below! 🙂

Love, Emily <3


  1. I’m definitely a skirt kid of girl! I love the Hi-Lo look. 😀

  2. I wear skirts almost all the time. I love these; they’re really cute!

  3. thanks for the ideas! this is great!!!! I just wore one of my midi skirts today. can’t wait to try the rest ofmy skirts.

  4. …so I know we just met last week, but my dinner buddy canceled on me. Do you want to go out to eat and get to know each other better after the book fair tomorrow?

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