Yes, There Are Cute and Modest Swimsuits!

Summer is blooming right in front of us, and we all know what that means…swimsuit season. This is always a challenge for the girl who wants to dress modestly yet still enjoy the pool or beach. How can I find a modest swimsuit that doesn’t look like one my grandma would wear? Fortunately, the vintage pin-up look, as well as one-piece swimsuits, are making a huge comeback. This will provide you with more coverage without sacrificing style.

There are definitely things to be aware of while shopping for a swimsuit. One thing to consider is body type–every bathing suit will look different on different shapes. Make sure you try on every swimsuit before you buy to make sure you get the coverage you want. Some women will like one-pieces, while others might feel better in a tankini.

Another warning I want to give is that just because it is a one-piece, that doesn’t make it modest. Swimsuits these days are low cut with all sorts of crazy cut-outs. Don’t let this discourage you though. There are many companies that offer modest options. For more on my thoughts on modesty (and why it’s still relevant), check out this post.

I made these collages with the hope of inspiring you. Have fun and enjoy your summer!

1. Flower Child

Flower Child by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring rubber shoes

Nothing says girly-girl like a floral one-piece. It’s the perfect pin-up look.

2. Pretty and Patriotic

Pretty and Patriotic

Red, white, and blue is trending this summer, and this is perfect for Memorial Day or July 4th. Show your pride in this adorable vintage-style one piece.

3. Sunshine Babe

Sunshine Babe

Sunshine Babe by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring oversized glasses

California style is calling your name! Bright colors scream summer and will make you feel like you’re on vacation (even if you are just in your backyard).

Thank you to all of my followers and readers. You inspire me to write and seek God’s truth daily! As always, feel free to comment below 🙂

Love, Emily <3


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