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Loving Others and Ourselves–The Way God Sees Us


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As a blogger, I feel like it’s my duty to write about trending or important topics in today’s culture. One of the most trending topics to gain attention over the last few weeks is about Bruce Jenner, who is transgender, getting surgery to become “Caitlyn Jenner.”

This has obviously fueled reactions from many people, and Christians seem to be on the forefront with expressing anger, fear, and disgust at the situation. Of course, there are also many Christians who lovingly disagree with Jenner’s decision, and are being lashed out at for their  “intolerance.”

But this post is not really about any of that. Here’s the thing, God loves Bruce Jenner so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die for him. That love and grace that saved all of us is the same love and grace that can save Jenner if he chooses to accept it.

Our job is not to agree or disagree with his choice (although we have a right to). Our job is to love him and all other transgender people with the fierce love of God. Believe it or not, you can disagree with someone and love them. You can not like what someone does and still treat them with kindness and dignity. We all sin, and we all need to be loved. We all need to be told we matter, that God loves us, and that we can be saved by Him. We all need compassion and prayer, and as a Christian, we should be the first people to provide this.

I believe that every sin or battle we have with God’s design can be traced back to a bigger picture. If we want, we can trace sin and rebelliousness to God way back to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve committed the first sin. The Bible, as far as what I have read, does not specifically say anything about transgender people.

However, the Bible does say plenty on God’s creation of male and female in Genesis chapter 2. God also has this to say about all of His children:

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well (Psalm 139:13-14 NIV).

When God created us, He actually knitted us together. Piece by piece–every hair, finger, and toe–He made us the way He wanted us, and He called it good. I stand by this verse as it is in the title of my blog; we are fearfully and wonderfully made–both men and women. God does not make mistakes, nor does He mess up and put us in “the wrong body.” He knits us together as he creates our inmost being, the core of who we are. 

I am telling you this because we need to be reminded of God’s unflinching and unfailing love for us. This isn’t just about transgenderism anymore. The devil, just like with everything he does, wants to twist God’s beautiful act of creation and make it seem like it’s wrong. It’s the reason young girls wake up everyday wishing they had a different body. It is the reason we hate our skin or our weight. It is the reason we call ourselves, stupid, ugly, or worthless.

It’s the reason we have plastic surgery (for vanity and not medical reasons), a million dollar wrinkle cream industry, and all of the guides of how to get “the perfect bikini body.” Not that there is anything wrong with vanity or making ourselves look good, it is the intention behind our actions that matter. 

Our society is saturated with the lies that we are not good enough. Instead of growing in God and discovering how much He loves us just the way we are, society tells us that we can become someone different, and that we aren’t really that special on our own. Well let me tell you, God only made one of you, and so you are pretty one of a kind!

Are you comfortable with who you are inside and out? Do you know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made? Do you know that God loves you no matter what you look like or how you act? Do you know that you can embrace how He made you while still being unique? Bruce Jenner doesn’t know this, and he is one of millions (maybe even more) who do not know how special and unique they are to God–just the way they are.

So remember dear reader, the next time you or someone you know struggles with identity, that God makes no mistakes. You are created to be amazing, even through your sinfulness, and the devil will stop at nothing to hold you back and make you hate yourself. But God is a loving and powerful God, and the love of Jesus can help you overcome and see yourself as God sees you–fearfully and wonderfully you.

Love, Emily <3

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  • Terri

    We tend to notice other’s sin more than our own, or think someone else’s sin is worse than ours… sin is sin and its not up to us to decide who is right or wrong, its our job to love. Thanks for the reminder of how much God loves us all!

  • Danielle Ruff

    I couldn’t agree more. Our pastor always says, “Love the sinner, not the sin.” I do not have to agree with the sin in Jenner’s life, just like people who love me don’t have to love my sin. However I am called as a Christian to love Jenner in spite of his sin.Thanks for writing this post and sharing God’s word with us all!

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