The Waiting Game

Sorry I’m late with Monday’s post! I’ve been having some health issues lately, and although they’re not severe we are trying to figure out what’s going on.

The worst part about going through a health challenge is that it interferes with your life. I can’t physically do all of the things that I want to do right now, and it’s getting on my nerves (to say the least). However, I am learning all about trusting in God and waiting on His promises.

This is probably one of the most difficult topics to write about because waiting is hard. We wait for all sorts of things–that better job, healing, a spouse, a raise–and everything in between. And the thing about waiting is that none of us like to do it. We live in a fast-paced, customer service driven society that’s all about comfort and convenience.

So why does God make us wait? Why isn’t He healing me today, or maybe leading you to Mr. Right right now? Does He want to make us suffer?

No. God does not want to make us suffer. He is our Heavenly Father, and like any good father He wants His children to grow and draw closer to Him.

Unfortunately with growth there is often growing pains. We have to remember that no matter how old we may be, we are only a blip on the scale of time. God is almighty and powerful, and He has a plan for our lives. Remember, God can see the future–He knows what’s best for us.

A lot of times if we look back on our lives, we can see how God’s plans worked out a lot better than our own. Hindsight is awesome, and it only proves God’s faithfulness. However, if you are currently stuck in a situation or waiting for a circumstance to be over, it can be easy to get discouraged.

So how do we wait on the Lord?

Wait on the LordBe of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord! (Psalm 27:14 NKJV).

Be of good courage! If we look back at this Psalm, we see that our strength and confidence comes from God. Waiting can be frustrating, heartbreaking, and down-right frightening. But we can have courage because we know that God is taking care of us.

The more we practice courage and building our trust in God, the more He will strengthen our hearts. Although it may take time, the waiting will get easier as we are more equipped to endure it.

But what if you need direction or guidance? What if you have a decision you need to make?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV). 

We must learn to build our trust in God and His provision for our lives. God wants us to have a relationship with Him. We have His Holy Spirit inside of us to guide us and communicate with us–we need to take advantage of this wonderful gift!

We need to read the Bible and pray for Jesus to help us in all areas of our lives. In fact, if we put Jesus at the center of our lives and all that we do, then we will find that He can guide our steps much easier.

This will require work on our part. In order to hear from God, we need to deepen our relationship with Him. We need to be in prayer constantly–inviting Jesus into every aspect of our lives. We also need to make reading the Bible a priority. God’s word has so much wisdom and guidance to give us, and I have been discovering for myself what a difference it makes when I devote time everyday to study it.

We can place our trust in the almighty God, who created the heavens, the Earth, and all of us! We can always be confident in God’s ability to take care of us in His timing and provide what we need. We just need to realize that our plan may not be what is best and then step out of God’s way.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share 🙂

Love, Emily <3


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