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You Took My Place


The pain shoots up my arms
Into every part of me,
As I realize I messed up
For the last time.

I’m lost and broken,
But no one can find
The little pieces that once held me.

So I’m digging a hole
Into the skin of my shattered shell.
Only to stop and reach
Up to Your pierced hands.

Those nails–
It should have been me.
I should feel the pain,
I need to feel the pain.

It’s not fair
That You took my place.

I want to hurt.
I want to feel the weight
Of everything I’ve done wrong.

But You took my place.

And now I rise,
Only to fall
Inside Your arms
I find my rest.

I don’t deserve this–
It’s not fair.
It should have been me,
The one to take the fall.

But grace said no.
You took my place.

I asked, “who’d dare to love me?”
With no reply.
I had no idea the answer
Was dangling from a cross.

So I reach out my ravaged hands
To touch the scars on Your own.
You said yes,
And now I found my place.

~Emily @
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  1. Courtney

    Beautiful poem! It paints a really great visual picture of grace, keep on writing!

  2. Wairimu Mwangi

    The beautiful exchange!
    Reminds me of Sidewalk Prophets’ song, You Love Me Anyway… I am the sweat on his brow and the nail on his hand but he loves me!

  3. Nance Biswas: Leaning on Jesus

    Beautiful! We love Him because He first loved us. <3

  4. Coupon Diva (@RealCouponDiva)

    Jesus is the BEST exchange that we could have

  5. Hillary

    I have felt just what you have expressed in this poem. It is very hard sometimes to accept grace after another yet another failure and also to realize fully our great need for that beautifully proffered redemption.

    • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

      Yes! I struggle with low self esteem and depression, so basically the devil does a good job at making me feel like a total failure. But my God makes me feel like a forgiven princess! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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