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You Took My Place


The pain shoots up my arms
Into every part of me,
As I realize I messed up
For the last time.

I’m lost and broken,
But no one can find
The little pieces that once held me.

So I’m digging a hole
Into the skin of my shattered shell.
Only to stop and reach
Up to Your pierced hands.

Those nails–
It should have been me.
I should feel the pain,
I need to feel the pain.

It’s not fair
That You took my place.

I want to hurt.
I want to feel the weight
Of everything I’ve done wrong.

But You took my place.

And now I rise,
Only to fall
Inside Your arms
I find my rest.

I don’t deserve this–
It’s not fair.
It should have been me,
The one to take the fall.

But grace said no.
You took my place.

I asked, “who’d dare to love me?”
With no reply.
I had no idea the answer
Was dangling from a cross.

So I reach out my ravaged hands
To touch the scars on Your own.
You said yes,
And now I found my place.

~Emily @
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