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Book Review: Unoffendable by Brant Hansen

(Check out Unoffendable here)

I have never done a book review before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. I recently read a book I got for my birthday called Unoffendable–How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better. The author is Brant Hansen–a Christian radio host who is both awesome and hilarious. He can talk about Jesus and toast in the same half hour with flawless ease.

Anyway, the topic of Unoffendable is one that is both hard to talk about but desperately needed: letting go of anger. Brant (and yes, I’m using his first name because I listen to him so much I feel like he’s my friend), is addressing the very thing that is plaguing social media comments and online forums.

The whole world seems to be angry, especially Christians. There are so many injustices in this world, and sin is running rampant. Something must be done! How can this Brant guy possibly tell us to get rid of our anger. Well, he does. And even though it feels like ripping off a band-aid, it truly does bring a spark of revelation and ultimately healing.

Brant shows us that even though feeling angry comes naturally, we have the ultimate choice to either hold on to it or let it go. This is something that can be hard to accept because we all think that our anger is just and righteous. However, Brant lovingly destroys the concept of “righteous anger” for us all.

Truth is, we want Jesus to leave our self-righteousness intact. He wants to smash it. –Brant Hansen, Unoffendable (pg. 70)

Even though this book brought up some challenging topics, it is very easy to read and is quite humorous. Brant humbles himself with funny and inspiring stories. He also came up with some hilarious chapter titles like Bert, Ernie and Satan and Reverend of the Dumpster

I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about Unoffendable. Although it did call me out on some things, I truly appreciated Brant’s honesty and his ability to be refreshingly relatable to his readers.

Without giving away any spoilers, I cant tell you that Unoffenable had three main points:

  1. We have no right to anger–this is hard to grasp at first, but Brant breaks it down very practically.
  2. Humility–In order to let go of anger, we must learn humility before God. Brant reminds us of our place before God.
  3. God’s amazing grace–How no one gets what they deserve (and how blessed we are for that!).

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Go check out this awesome book. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

(Note–I am not being sponsored by a publisher or the author. I simply like this book and wanted to review it. No money is involved.)

Don’t condemn the culture; redeem it. –Brant Hansen, Unoffendable (Pg. 84)

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  • Brant Hansen

    Well, I just read this review, and I’m very, very thankful to be your radio friend.

    This IS a hard thing to do, to live this way. But forgiveness is never easy!

    Thank you, again. Happy to be walking this path with you.

  • Becki Knight

    Totally agree. I heard about this book while listening to Brant on the radio. Pre-ordered it, anticipated receiving it, devoured it in 2 days! The concept is so simple, but HARD to put into action. I am getting better, but living this is a challenge for a 50-something grandmother! Thank you for reveiwing and I love your blog. 🙂

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