Labor Day Fashion!

Happy Labor Day weekend! As the summer draws to a close, we must celebrate! I know many of you will be camping, going to the lake, and having picnics and barbecues. I hope you all have lots of fun!

Since summer is almost over (so sad!), I decided to do one last summer theme fashion post until next year. Remember the fashion rule that you can’t wear white after labor day? Well that rule pretty much went out the window a couple of years ago (hello winter white!), and now we can feel free to wear the crisp color all year round with proper styling!

Even so, white will always be known as a traditional summer color–especially when worn all over or in sheer, delicate fabrics. In honor of the holiday weekend, I decided to make a fashion collage of summer whites. Hopefully you will be inspired to wear your best summer fashion as you go about your three day weekend!

Garden Party

Garden Party

Garden Party by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a skater dress

Crisp, white sun dresses are the epitome of summer fashion! Artsy floral prints and floppy hats were all the rage this season, and they are still very fashionable while transitioning into fall.

Casual Whites

Casual Whites

 Wear your white jeans while you still can! This outfit is casual and cute, and quirky statement pieces are still going strong.

Stolen Summer

Stolen Summer

Stolen Summer by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a bucket bag

Go retro with this flirty look. The pleated skirt and vintage sunglasses make a perfect outfit for a date or picnic!

What are your plans this weekend? Tell me in the comments below!

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