A Moment


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Today I want everyone reading this to take a moment of silence

For the fallen, but not forgotten.

Raise your flags

And be kind to your neighbor

No matter who they are.

If there is one thing we can learn from this,

It’s that we are all flowers and

We all fade away like dust.

Time is short,

But the love of God is infinite.

So love your neighbor and

Forgive him too.

Start with a phone call, maybe some lunch.

If all else fails,

At least you tried.

So many people have gone too soon;

Just as they were sipping their morning coffee.

So do that thing,

The thing that sounded crazy in your head.

Go and take a walk–breathe in the fresh air.

Smile, hug, pray.

Try something new.

Because no life that is lost

Is gone forever.

We are all wrapped up,

Folded in on our own hateful sins,

Into the One who is

The beginning and the end.

So take a moment and

Be thankful.

For those we lost,

And for those who are right in front of us.

A moment out of infinity.


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