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Dress Binge!

I’m late! It’s been so long since I have been late on a post…oh well. At least it’s still Friday! Thanks for being such good readers and followers. My midterms are officially over (yay!) Let’s celebrate with some pretty fall dress collages. It’s been a while since I focused on dresses/skirts, so this should be fun!

Going Rouge

Going Rouge by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring black evening dresse

Don’t you just love autumn burgundy and red? It really makes these floral and paisley prints look very rich.

Pretty Dainty

Pretty Dainty by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a cutout skater dress

Pink is a classic, and I can see why! Pair this pretty pastel with black for a modern edge. It makes me so happy to see dresses having fitted waists and flowy skirts.

Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a white mini dress

Calling all 90’s girls! I love plaid and grunge, and this is a sweet and classic take on the trend. Think outside the box by adding a belt or wearing a collar dress. It works for both day and night!

Night Life

Night Life by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring three quarter length sleeve dresses

Whetherย you are doing on a date (Happy Sweetest Day!), dinner with the family, or maybe Thanksgiving–it’s always fun to wear a dark dress! Cobalt blue and black are classics, and they look lovely in velvet or lace fabrics.

I hope you like these dresses. Have a fun weekend everyone!

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  1. Emily, what app do you use to design your photos? I have noticed how good all of them are and that is one thing that I am working on with my blog., Thanks for any helpful tips!!

    • fearfullywonderfullyme

      October 26, 2017 at 7:40 pm

      Thank you so much! For my fashion posts, I use Polyvore. For other images I download a font app or use Canva ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Pretty. Now to find a place to wear them. *looks at dirty stained yoga pants and the scrubby two kiddos in the living room* ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m on a dress kick too and that first floral midi dress is just to die for! And who can resist a classic little black dress?

  4. Pretty! I especially love the first two.

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