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I Remember


Oh God,
Sometimes I just don’t understand.
You’ve created galaxies, stars, the land and sea.
Why did You make me?

I am small and plain
Compared to the ocean waves.
I am quiet and average
Compared to others You have made.

But then I remember–
Every grain of sand,
Every drop of water,
Every blade of grass,
Every ray of light.

On their own we look them over;
We pass them by.
But you don’t, oh God.
You don’t pass us by.
You don’t miss anything,
And you don’t make mistakes.

Now I am cradled here
In Your perfect love.
As You call me by name
Out into Your perfect plan.


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  1. Forever Joyful

    Thanks for sharing this great poem. Link up with us at Literacy Musing Mondays. We would welcome a guest post on your literary journey if you would like to do that, too.

    • Fearfully Wonderfully Me

      Oh yes! Sorry I haven’t checked that out. I’ve been so busy >< but I will this weekend for sure!

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