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You've Won

(Photo by Emily)

You’ve won me over

With a tidal wave of  love;

And I can’t help but sing.

The walls are pressing in and

The pressure is stifling.

But You are there–

The calm in the storm.

Tell me You love me as

You hold me tight.

And I’ll tell you I’m sorry

For all the things I said,

And all the ways I didn’t measure up.

I need to know Your beauty;

I crave Your majesty.

All day long I hunger,

Searching for You in the middle

Of my mess.

Pull back the dark curtains

From my eyes.

Dig up my buried heart,

So it can breathe in Your grace again.

Lord I know You are here,

Beckoning me to come closer.

Please have Your way

In this sweet surrender.

Please have Your way–

You’ve won me over.

–Written by Emily @ Please feel free to comment and share. All I ask is that you link back to my blog. Thanks for reading!


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