Winter Coat Fashion

Can you feel it? Winter is around the corner and so are the holidays! I’m already listening to Christmas music ^_^ (don’t judge me lol). I’m so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love celebrating the birth and the hope of our blessed Savior Jesus! And I also love the time with family and friends, the food, the pretty lights and decor, and Christmas shopping!

Although cool, crisp November days are delightful, I’m not a huge fan when it gets super cold! However, with all the cute winter coats that are out I’m kind of excited to bundle up. So this week’s collages feature cute winter coats 🙂 Enjoy!

Wild for Wool

Wild for Wool

Wool coats are warm and classic! They are perfect for church, work, school, or just going out. It all depends on the color, length, and pattern.

Pretty As a Parka

Pretty as a parka!

I bought a fleece lined parka this year in khaki, and I love it! It’s so warm and stylish. It’s also casual enough for every day wear around campus! Olive green also seems to be a popular color this year.

Moto Maven

Moto Maven

I love moto jackets! I wear my black one all the time. It definitely gives an edgy look to any outfit, and it can look so stylish with a scarf. Today’s jackets don’t just come in black–now they are tan, rustic brown, and even pastel! Cool accessories such as zippers and pockets are also stylish.

I hope you all enjoyed these jackets! Are you already in the holiday spirit? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share 🙂


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