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My Thankful List (From A-Z)


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Thanksgiving is coming soon! Of course this is a busy time of year as we buy and prepare food, figure out travel plans, and make arrangements for  family gatherings. However, this is a time to slow down and remember how good God is. This is a time to be grateful for all He’s done!

I thought it would be a fun idea to make a post of some of the things I am thankful for. So here we go! A small list of what I am thankful for by order of the alphabet:

A-Art. I love art and expressing myself through creative outlets!

B-Birds. Particularly my parakeet Sunny Dee 🙂

C-Cats. I bet you saw that one coming! I love my cat Lunabelle the best of course.

D-Disney. I love Disney movies–especially The Little Mermaid.

E-Earth. I am thankful for this beautiful planet God has given us to live on.

FFF-Also known as family, friends, and food!

G-God. He is the best there is. No one is higher than the Almighty!

H-Hair. I love my haircut. Although I get bad hair days, my short hair is unique and my signature syle.

I-Ice cream. Because it doesn’t need an explanation.

J-Jesus. The One who saved my soul with His own innocent, precious blood.

K-Knitting. My new favorite hobby!

L-Love. There is no greater gift than this.

M-Music. It inspires the soul and can draw me closer to God.

N-Novels. Great entertainment that inspires the mind!

O-Oreos. They make any dessert ten times better.

P-Prayer. I can always talk to my Heavenly Father no matter what the time!

Q-Q tips. This may sound strange, but they are so useful for applying nail polish.

R-Rest. It always feels amazing. I definitely need more of it right now!

S-Siblings. They are best friends for life!

T-The Late Show. I love Stephen Colbert–sort of obsessed.

U-Up. A very good Disney movie, although the beginning made me cry.

V-Violins. I love stringed instruments (although I don’t play any). The Vitamin String Quartet does classical covers of modern songs. They are amazing!

W-Writing. One of my greatest passions the Lord has given me.

X-Xyloto–as in Coldplay’s album, Mylo Xyloto. I’m a Coldplay fan 🙂

Y-Yoga. My (only) favorite exercise and a great stress reliever.

Z-Zoos. Where else can I follow around peacocks like a crazy stalker?

I hope you had fun reading this! It really is amazing how many things there are to be grateful for; although I’ll admit that this list was a little hard to come up with.

Thanks for reading! What are you thankful for this year? Tell me in the comments below 🙂





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