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Sometimes in the moments

Of a quietly darkened night,

I wonder what there is to be  thankful for.

All the hurt, the lies, and the fear of this world

Make me doubt for anything more.

But then  You find me–

Ripening my soul with the sweetest touch.

It’s the sunlight that comes through the dusty window,

Or the feeling of the crisp winter air at my face.

Because I know that every minute can be spent

Wasted in my weary mind,

Or they can be used to paint the world with Your vivid colors.

Every laughter and cry

Is a gift that must be cherished,

Because they mean that life happened here.

Even in weakness there is beauty–

Just as a feather alone falls from grace,

With You it joins and takes perfect flight.

Though a heart may shatter

It can be made new.

Though someone may take it and leave it full of cracks,

You can fill them with Your love.

I take a minute and close my eyes–

Hearing Your whisper in the wind.

You give me breath when

I have nothing left to spare,

And You give me life when all my will is gone.

Every song is a prayer to heaven,

Reaching  up to You in the moments

Of this quietly darkened night.

–Written by Emily S. at

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