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The Gift of Love


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What does it mean?

This special time of year–

All the hustle and bustle

Amid the freshly fallen snow.

Lights are twinkling,

While Santas jingle their bells.

The smell of vanilla and ginger penetrate the air.

What does it mean?

People running around,

And stores pushing for whatever will sell.

Mothers praying for their children overseas,

And children crying for the innocence they lost.

What does it mean?

Can it be wrapped up,

Or thrown into a bag?

Can it be brought down like snowflakes,

Scattered in the wind?

Can it be lifted high,

Like the star upon the city tree?

What does it mean?


Love wrapped up,

Crying and hungry for His mother’s breast.

Love brought down,

By an assembly of angels to hear

The praying mother or the weeping child.

Love lifted high,

Upon a cross to die for our sins.

Love that can’t be bought–

Because it already ransomed us. 

Love more pure than the whitest snow,

Yet running red as it changes our hearts.


–Written by Emily at

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Merry Christmas everyone! I will see you next week for New Year’s 🙂


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