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The Jesus Resolution


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The New Year–that time of year when we make so many resolutions. Some of which will come to pass, and others that will get lost in the raging sea of life.

We make all sorts of resolutions. Whether it’s eating healthier, getting promoted, or entering the dating world–most of us have goals for ourselves. And even though these goals are smart and healthy to have, perhaps we are missing something. 

Let me ask you, where is Jesus fitting in your New Year’s resolutions? We focus so much on the worldly and material goals, that we often neglect the spiritual. Are you reading the Bible everyday, praying regularly, or are actively involved at church?

I’m not asking these questions to make you feel bad, as we all “fail” in being spiritually perfect (which is why we have Jesus thankfully!). The reason I’m pointing these things out is because whenever our lives lack spiritually, we will lack even more physically. 

Think about it. Whenever you have great worship time at church or home, or take time out to pray, don’t you feel so much more fulfilled? It’s not that being more in tune with Jesus will make our lives instantly perfect or cause our every dream to come true, but it will help us in our lives here on earth.

When we put God first in our lives, everything else will happen the way it’s supposed to. When we align our will with God’s, then He can reveal His perfect plan for us. In order to hear from God and experience the blessings and promises of the Holy Spirit, we must put Him first and spend intimate time with Him. 

So when you compile your list of resolutions for 2016, remember to put God first. Think of one or two ways you can improve your relationship and walk with God, and make those your top priorities for the year. Let this be the year that you become intimately close to God. Let this be the year that He uses you for His glory! 

Thanks for reading! What are your New Year’s resolutions? Please feel free to comment and share 🙂



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