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Out of the Fire

(Photo by Me)

My mind is a fire,
Growing and expanding
Releasing from the tip of my pen.

It’s been set ablaze
With voices of light and darkness,
Ready to escape
Onto the lines of the paper.

Can you hear them?
They tell me where to go
And what to think,
As I run around
This obstacle in front of me.

But I contain them
With every breath.
I let them live and move
Beneath the trapdoor
Of my mind.

I manage them
Because I am too busy
With my swirling world
That loses its color,
Like a fading photograph.

But You set me off again–
With just one spark.
You breathe life and color
Into the mundane.

You release the voices
Into a symphony of words,
Catapulting onto my notebook–
Like drops spraying
From a fountain of life.

Out of the fire comes gold,
And out of the darkness
I find my place to shine.

Written by Emily at

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I know this isn’t your average post from The Writing Diaries, but I wanted to take a moment to dive into the emotional creativity that writing really is. Hope you enjoyed it! God bless you <3

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