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A Different Kind of Valentine's Day

Happy Friday readers and followers! I feel like this month has been so busy, and it’s already half over! As most of you all know (or might be in denial of) this Sunday is Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single like me, then maybe this holiday can be depressing for you. Maybe you just want to watch chick flicks and cry, or ignore it all together (believe me, I’ve been there). However, maybe you can look at Valentine’s Day from a new perspective.

This is a holiday that’s supposed to be all about love right? Well why not celebrate the One who is love? Jesus is the One who should be on our minds this day and everyday.

John 21:15 says that if we love Jesus with all our hearts, then we will feed His “lambs” (aka–people). So take some time this holiday to be a blessing to those around you. Show people the love of God and then you will feel more joy than you can imagine.

Okay, now let’s talk fashion! Here are some Valentine’s Day collages to inspire you this weekend ❤

Galentine’s Day Gorgeous


Did you know that Saturday is Galentine’s Day? That’s right, a holiday just for the girls! What better outfit to wear than some comfy jeans and a flowy red top?
I gotta say that I want to try some flare jeans in the spring. I’m normally a skinny jean girl, but I think I could use a change. And yes, those are sandals. The cabin fever is strong with this one.

Heart Attack


I love pink. Whether you have a date, are spending time with family or friends, or just going to church–dressing up always feels good.

Pinned Up Hearts


Vintage lovers rejoice! Wow your sweetheart in a cute polka dot swing dress. Aren’t the oxford shoes adorable?

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked these outfit ideas. Have a great weekend everyone, and stay warm! You are all my Valentines

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