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Help a Dog!

So I went back and forth in my mind deciding whether or not my blog would be an appropriate place to share this.

Well, since my friend Cody is in desperate need, the Holy Spirit is tugging my heart, and this is my blog, why not!


This is Cody, and he is one extraordinary young man. I often take a cab to college because I can’t drive (due to health issues). Anyway, Cody picks me up a lot, and I’ve gotten to know him quite well.

Cody is in his twenties but works twelve hour shifts so he can take care of himself and his fourteen year old nephew--who he’s raising on his own. This is a guy who rarely complains and has a sweet heart, but is now devastated to find out his eight year old dog Elvira has tumors.

Elvira needs surgery to remove the tumors before they become cancerous. If they get them out in time, then she can live several more years! But with all that Cody has on his plate, he’s finding it hard to come up with the money.

This is a man who loves his dog, and most of us can sympathize because we also have fur babies! If you can, I’m asking you to please consider donating to Elvira’s Go Fund Me.

Even if you can’t donate (which is totally fine), please keep Cody and Elvira in your prayers that he will get the money, and that God’s love and healing would surround them. Thanks so much for reading and supporting!



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