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Summer Barbecue Fashion

Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! I’m so excited because I only have one more final today, and then I’m done for the semester! *does happy dance*

This means that for me it will be the official start of summer! In honor of this, I have made some Polyvore creations to share with you. I know many of you will be having picnics and barbecues this month to kick off the summer holidays, so this month’s theme is summer barbecue fashion!


This would be so cute to wear to an open house or a romantic picnic. You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket. I’m also really loving the strappy sandal trend because I have super narrow feet!


For a laid back barbecue look, wear a cute printed tee! How adorable is this popsicle print? Mint is also a refreshing color for this season.


Perhaps this dress is a little too fancy for a barbecue, but it would be lovely for church! This cat watch might be the cutest watch ever!


Flower crowns + distressed ankle pants= Barbecue perfection! The zipper details on the jeans along with dark Converse shoes give an excellent contrast to the girly pattern scheme.

Thanks for reading! What are your summer barbecue or picnic plans? Comment below!

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