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Outfit Inspiration: Crochet Details

Happy Monday! Okay, I know that most of us dread Mondays, but right now I feel grateful just for being able to do the everyday tasks of life.

My heart is broken over the tragic shooting in Orlando, and the victims and their families are in my prayers. God’s children were brutally attacked and killed, and it is deeply disturbing. But He will make all things new, and bring justice to earth (Revelation 21:5).

Although nothing can ease the pain of this tragedy, maybe a fashion collage can provide a positive momentary  distraction. This day’s theme: Crochet!


I think that crochet details will always be a summer staple. They add a delicate and bohemian touch to any outfit. White crochet and mint fabric make an excellent combination!

You can also wear crochet in unique ways, such as accessories or paired with lace.

Have a great week everyone! Let’s remember to shine a light in these dark times with our love.

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