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My Butterfly, My Muse~A Poem For My Sister


Her hair streaked with gold,

Glistening in the sun.

Her aviators shining,

Reflecting the wonder in my face.

She is that girl,

The tan blonde with boot-cut jeans

And soulful eyes.

My butterfly, my muse.

In all her forms she is lovely,

Her laugh trickling down my spine

Like water.

An Eskimo kiss to send her off

To the land where dreams are falling stars.

And as they wave past,

I see the twinkle in her heavy eyes.

Just don’t fly too far

My butterfly, my muse.


Written by Emily Smith at, 2016 ©

I hope you liked this poem! I love my big sister and have always admired her beauty and love for butterflies. From the time I started writing poetry she has always been an inspiration. She never fails at being my muse. This one’s for you Cecie. 

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