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Believe Again


A Guest Post by Dainty M. 

It’s absolutely exhausting and distressing to believe something will happen and it doesn’t. Or to believe someone wouldn’t do something and they do. When unpleasant things happen and disappointments lace our days, it’s really hard to believe in anything.

Some people have stopped believing in love because their experience with it left them heartbroken. Some don’t believe in God because they felt disappointed by Him when bad things happened.

I’ve trusted and believed something will happen this year but hey, the 8th month is about to roll around, when will it happen? I’ve drowned in despair and to be honest, believing again is much harder than just writing it in a post. I honestly fear hoping again or believing again. But you know what? Nothing will happen if you don’t believe!

Jesus worked with people’s faith. “If you believe”…”just believe”…”she believed and saw”…these are snippets of miracles in the Bible. James also talked about trusting without wavering.

Some of us believe in plan A but have plan B safely tucked in a corner of our minds. If God doesn’t do A, we will do B. I’ve come to understand that trusting and believing means falling back on the confidence that God will catch you. He won’t let you fall (and if He does, it’s because there’s a greater glory to attain in making you rise again).

So hey! Life happens. It gets crappy sometimes. But you’ve gotta believe again. You’ve gotta trust God again. Stand on His unfailing word and watch Him wow you.

Hello lovely readers and followers, it’s Emily! I hope you enjoyed this encouraging post by my blogger friend, Dainty M. Check out Dainty M’s blog here to see more of her posts.

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  • Courtney

    Great post! It’s so true that sometimes God has other plans for us, different than what we wanted but better than we could have even imagined! We just have to keep having faith that God knows best and His plan is the one we would chose if we could see the future. 😊

  • beckielindsey

    What an insightful post. I think many of us have our “plan B” tucked away just in case God doesn’t show up the way we think He should. This is not faith. This is not trust in God. Either we believe that God is good and that He does good…always—or we don’t (Psalm 119:68).
    Thanks, so much, Dainty M and Emily! Keep on shining your light. Blessings on you both.
    Beckie at Spotlight,

    • fearfullywonderfullyme

      Thanks! Yes, she wrote this at a very good time for me. Anxiety always has a plan B that is impossible to ditch without strong faith. Keep rocking it Beckie!

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