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Outfit Inspo: Baroque + My 5 Favorite Movies

Go Baroque

Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! I’m already starting to get spring fever as I look out for future fashion trends. Today’s collage is all about baroque!

If you’re a fan of artistic floral, rich texture, and bold colors, this is the trend for you. I love the romantic vibes that baroque gives off. It’s both girly and edgy, as well as vintage. It also makes a great transition into spring. The prints are feminine, yet the darker colors shown above keep it grounded for winter.

If this trend feels a little too bold, it may be best to try baroque in small doses. Accessories like these vintage earrings or velvet embossed ankle booties add a pop of texture without being overwhelming.

Day 12: Favorite Movie

I told you I would continue the challenge! I think it’s fun to shake the fashion posts up a bit. I don’t watch a whole ton of movies (I’m more of a book and magazine nerd), but I do have a few favorites I’d like to share.

1. Fly Away Home–A family friendly movie about a teen girl moving in with her estranged dad after her mother dies. Together, they bond over a flock of abandoned baby geese and teach them to migrate by flying airplanes. Why do I love this movie? The gorgeous music score, planes, and cute geese. Enough said.

2. Star Wars–I am a nerd, and that’s okay. Darth Vader is awesome, Yoda is a beast, and Anakin Skywalker is gorgeous.

3. What About Bob?–This movie both excites and terrifies me when I think about my future career as a counselor. This is an old comedy gem which features Bill Murray as a multi-phobic client who ends up driving his therapist insane. It’s seriously one of the best comedies ever!

4. The Little Mermaid–I love most Disney movies, but Ariel is my favorite princess.

5. Where The Heart Is–The book was really good, but the movie is nostalgic for me. It’s the story about a poor, young pregnant woman who is abandoned by her boyfriend at a Walmart. She ends up living  and giving birth there, but builds a life for herself with the help of some quirky small town people. Plus, it stars Natalie Portman, who is one of my favorite actresses.

There are so many great movies out there, but these are my top 5 timeless classics.

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite movie? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. I want those earrings! 😉 They are really cool and I will keep my eye open for some new spring beauties like them. Love Fly Away Home and Where the Heart Is. It might be the weekend to watch at least one of them again.

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