The Christmas promise
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The Christmas Promise

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” (Luke 1:45 NIV)

Sometimes we go through difficulties or hardships that seem to never end. Maybe even our faith gets shaken, as we question whether God will create a breakthrough.

When Elizabeth saw the young, pregnant Virgin Mary walking down the road toward her home, I can only imagine what went through her mind. An angel of the Lord visited both women with the good news that they were supernaturally pregnant.

Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, had struggled with infertility their whole marriage, yet the Lord considered them righteous (Luke 1:6-7).

This is how the Bible shows us that even though the children of God are made righteous through His blood, sometimes bad things still happen. Sickness invades us, or loss afflicts us. But there is still hope for those who believe.

Suddenly, Elizabeth saw the grace of God when she became pregnant with the prophet John at such an old age. She also witnessed how God took a poor virgin girl from a no-name town, and made her the mother of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Savior of the world.

All of her prayers were miraculously answered after all that time!

What promises are you looking for the Lord to fulfill? Is it healing from sickness? Is it to get married or have a child? Or is it to pursue a career goal or lifelong dream?

The promise I am currently waiting for is healing from chronic illness, and I know God is faithful. If He can do wonders in Elizabeth and Mary, surely He can still work miracles in me.

Keep believing, lovely one. There is blessing in the waiting.

the christmas promise

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Update on My Arm: I got my splint taken off on Wednesday! It feels so good to be out of it, but my arm is very stiff and weak. I am doing physical therapy at home, so please pray that I will gain strength and range of motion back.

Thank you so much for all of your support. I pray you all have a very merry Christmas!

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  • Courtney

    Very inspiring post Emily! I will continue to be in prayer for your arm! I love how you parceled Mary’s story with the story God is writing for us! I know in my life, I have big dreams to become a successful author. Sometimes that reality can feel far off, but the important thing to remember is that God’s plans for our lives will be fulfilled in His timing. Excellent post!😊

    • fearfullywonderfullyme

      Thank you so much Courtney! Our dreams are very similar. I will continue to pray for you as well. God does have great plans for us, and sometimes His success and timing looks different from ours. But in the end we will see how it all worked out for the best! 💓

  • Dainty M

    I’ve definitely missed your blog, Emily! Glad to see how God has been using you. Sorry about your arm, I pray for speedy recovery! Merry Christmas dear. Lots of love, M.

  • Wendy Brydge

    Praying that your arm gets better soon, Emily. My grandmother broke both her legs in an accident years ago, so I know how difficult but completely necessary physical therapy is! Be strong and keep pushing through. Merry Christmas! 😊

    • fearfullywonderfullyme

      I hope your grandmother is much better this year! Thank you so much for your prayers Wendy, and Merry Christmas! 💙

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