• Why Your Life Matters
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    Why Your Life Matters

    The Miracle of Life Christmas is probably my favorite holiday–right after Easter of course. It’s a time of giving, delicious food, and time with family and friends. But more importantly, it’s about celebrating Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came as a baby to save us from our sins. When I think about Christmas and how we celebrate the virgin birth of Christ, I am reminded of the fact that it was sort of a miracle I was born. My mom was unmarried, pregnant with her third child, in poverty, and suffering health issues from carrying me. Not to mention, she was almost 40 years old! Many close friends…

  • The Christmas promise
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    The Christmas Promise

    Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” (Luke 1:45 NIV) Sometimes we go through difficulties or hardships that seem to never end. Maybe even our faith gets shaken, as we question whether God will create a breakthrough. When Elizabeth saw the young, pregnant Virgin Mary walking down the road toward her home, I can only imagine what went through her mind. An angel of the Lord visited both women with the good news that they were supernaturally pregnant. Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, had struggled with infertility their whole marriage, yet the Lord considered them righteous (Luke 1:6-7). This is how the…

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    “On This Day”~A Christmas Poem

    On this day We remember the poor. We open the doors Of our homes and hearts To let loved ones in.   On this day We  give more than we receive. We open our hands And stretch our faith, Helping our fellow neighbor.   On this day We put our differences aside. We open our minds To the freedom of forgiveness And the gift of grace.   Let this day Last longer than just a meal. Let this day Become our anthem.   As we sing of the King Who made Himself small, To give us new life On this day–   And for all eternity.   Written by Emily Smith at…