• Answering 3 Important Questions About Modesty
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    Answering 3 Important Questions About Modesty

    It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, which means summer is just around the corner! I can smell the pollen and fresh cut grass already (and so can my allergies). Along with warm summer weather comes summer fashion, which often leaves Christians asking questions about modesty. Are these shorts long enough? Are tank-tops modest? And what about swimsuits!? Almost every Christian girl has asked herself these questions at some point, including myself. In fact, I’ve written about modesty a few times on this blog. I think that many of us have questions about modesty that seldom get answered.  I want to use my experience, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit…

  • Biblical feminism in a secular world
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    Biblical Feminism in a Secular World

    With empowering movies such as Wonder Woman, an increase in female college graduates, and the empowering testimonies of the Me Too movement, it’s no wonder that feminism is one of the hot topics of American culture. However, feminism is also the catalyst for a great divide among Christians. No matter which side you’re on, it’s wrong. If you’re a feminist, then that means you support abortion and promote a homosexual lifestyle. If you’re not a modern feminist, then that means you think women are worth less than men. Both of these views are extreme and pretty “un-Christian.” So where should we stand, as Bible believing Christian women, on feminism? Is…