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    Friends With Benefits, Jesus, and Love

    I was in in the middle of eating lunch and thumbing through my friends’ Snap Chat stories when an article from Cosmopolitan about how to pull off having friends with benefits caught my eye. What I didn’t know is that God was going to use this article to remind me of what love really is all about. At first, my hope was that this article was only click bait sarcasm on why being friends with benefits is a terrible idea. And of course, I was wrong. So wrong in fact, that the article actually had some celebrity psychologist spewing advice on how to have casual sex with a friend and not get hurt–or fall in…

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    What Flowers Taught Me About Love

    As a single gal, I knew that Valentine’s Day could take an emotional toll on me if I wasn’t vigilant. I was also sure that I wouldn’t be receiving any valentines this year. That is until I came home from class to find a bouquet of flowers sitting on my cluttered dresser. I grinned at the pink daisies, dainty baby’s breath, and the single yellow rose arranged artistically with a balloon. No, they weren’t from some secret admirer. They were from my beautiful mother, who had driven all over town (with bronchitis to boot) to find me the perfect flowers. Later that night when I was getting ready for bed, I…