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    How to Find Healing In a Sick World

    Yesterday was one of the those days where I just couldn’t win. No matter what I did, I could barely get out of bed. Walking was difficult and concentrating took all of the energy I had. My body refused to cooperate with my mind, but I still pressed on. This is my life with POTS right now. I say “right now” because I believe God’s healing power is at work in me. But I can’t deny the reality that although my body is healthy, it doesn’t work the way it should. Isn’t it strange how when you’re sick, the feeling leaks into all areas of your life? Work and school…

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    On the Edge

      I’m on the edge, My feet hanging off as I stare down Into the pit. My heart sinks, Someone get me out of here. There are vultures surrounding, Waiting for my defeat. There are ropes binding My hands behind my back. Every thought is a dagger Piercing through my soul.   I’m on the edge Lord, Standing here as You call me, As You beckon me to dive Into life. I take a deep breath and Fall forward. Suddenly the pit becomes my platform As the vultures fly away. The ropes are unraveling, My thoughts shatter, As You begin to burn within me.   I’m on the edge, And…

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    The Bare Bones of Worship

    Life can be stressful. Correction–life is more like a vortex of stress, busyness, joy, and difficulty all mixed together. Even the good times can be overwhelming and just darn distracting. All of these distractions can easily affect our worship. Some distractions are mundane–social media, kids, work, and T.V. But what about the hard times? What about the giants of life such as sick family members, finals, or financial worries? These giants can become so big, that they distract us from God even in our worship. This happens when our problems become bigger than the God of our lives.  I love to worship and praise to music, and I am blessed…