• 3 Myths About Prayer and How to Pray Authentically
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    3 Myths About Prayer (And How to Pray Authentically)

    Jesus, I need You right now. How many times have I whispered these words–or sobbed them–in desperation. When nothing else works, and all of my strength is used up, I finally let down my defenses and say the simple words. I let God in. But that’s the thing about prayer that most people don’t understand. Even I didn’t understand for the longest time. Prayer is not a one-way request line to heaven, but an intimate conversation with God. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it’s silly. But it’s always real and always raw. Of course, we must unlearn a lot of what culture and other Christians have taught us about prayer in…

  • why prayer is not a waste of time
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    Why Prayer is Not a Waste of Time

    On what should’ve been a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning, our nation was rattled by the tragic news of a shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Over two dozen are dead and many have been injured. In the face of such tragedy, many of us rally together in prayer and peaceful vigils. However, some people on social media are saying that prayers are useless. They don’t do anything to help, and therefore, a waste of time. As a Christian who believes deeply in the power of prayer, these statements really made me pause to think. If you’re on the fence about prayer, or are just worn down by all…

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    On the Edge

      I’m on the edge, My feet hanging off as I stare down Into the pit. My heart sinks, Someone get me out of here. There are vultures surrounding, Waiting for my defeat. There are ropes binding My hands behind my back. Every thought is a dagger Piercing through my soul.   I’m on the edge Lord, Standing here as You call me, As You beckon me to dive Into life. I take a deep breath and Fall forward. Suddenly the pit becomes my platform As the vultures fly away. The ropes are unraveling, My thoughts shatter, As You begin to burn within me.   I’m on the edge, And…

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    For My Grandma~A Guest Post by Dainty M

    Hello lovely readers and followers! Sorry I’ve been missing these last couple of weeks. My grandma fell and got really sick. She passed away last week, and it has been very difficult. I also have a new semester starting, so I am trying to adjust to everything. I promise to return to the blogging world soon, but please enjoy a couple of guest posts from the lovely Dainty M in the mean time. Dainty M is a creative Christian blogger who didn’t hesitate to help me in my time of need. She wrote this poem for me, and I find it amazing how God inspired her to write in a way that speaks…

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    Another day that feels Wasted. As I lie awake, heart racing, Trying to put my pieces back together So I don’t feel Broken. I fell today For the lies of another empty song. I lost today In the front lines of my mind. My body is tired, Ravaged by distress. My soul is tired, Weighed down by memories That take me to melancholy lane. All the things I’ve wanted to do, But never could Wasted. I can see the dream stealers, Creeping in the middle of the night. Making me forget why I Chose to move forward. You say Your yoke is easy But this burden I have has tied…