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Limitless Faith


If you’re reading this, then there’s a really good chance you’re a Christian. Now I’m not a numbers person (hence why I’m a blogger), so I can’t give statistics. However, there are a lot of people–some even calling themselves Christians–who say they believe in God, but leave Him in the backgrounds of their lives. There’s no judgment here as this used to be me (and sometimes still is unfortunately).

Here’s what I don’t understand. How can someone truly believe in God and not want more of Him? How can you believe in an all-powerful being who created the heavens, galaxies, and Earth and all of its inhabitants, and not want more?

Believe it, God is real. Just look around at nature, and the evidence is clear. The thing is, we live in a culture that limits God. We live in a society that doesn’t experience an overflow of healings and miracles because we don’t have faith.

Even though God is all-powerful and can do all things, we hinder Him by our lack of faith and inattention.

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23 NKJV). 

It’s not that God has turned His back on us, but we’ve actually turned our backs on Him.

During my college career, I’ve had the honor of studying various religions and belief systems, learning amazing things from each of them. But there’s something different about Jesus that none of these other faiths have. 

With Jesus, you can truly experience God. You can be in His presence and have a relationship with Him. The reason I’m writing this? Because I know God, and I believe He put these thoughts on my heart. This has burdened my soul long enough to write about it.

With Jesus, anything is possible. Maybe we won’t get everything we want or at the exact time we want it, but God is good. He wants to be with us. He loves us. He’s constantly in pursuit of us. 

God’s still here. He’s still moving and working miracles if only we would take the time to stop and worship Him–to invite Jesus into our lives.

So here’s your chance. Invite God everywhere. Not just to church, the dinner table, or a bedside prayer.

Invite His presence into the minute and mundane, as well as the extraordinary.

Invite God to your work or school. Invite God to your daily  commute.

Invite God to your relationships and finances.

Invite God to your chores and burdens–into your joys and sorrows.

Invite God to the miraculous, where He can be felt like wildfire.

Don’t limit God, and don’t limit yourself. 

 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26 NKJV).

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus and want to know more, read this. God bless you!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share. I love hearing from you 🙂


The Bare Bones of Worship


Photo by Mandy

Life can be stressful. Correction–life is more like a vortex of stress, busyness, joy, and difficulty all mixed together. Even the good times can be overwhelming and just darn distracting. All of these distractions can easily affect our worship.

Some distractions are mundane–social media, kids, work, and T.V. But what about the hard times? What about the giants of life such as sick family members, finals, or financial worries?

These giants can become so big, that they distract us from God even in our worship. This happens when our problems become bigger than the God of our lives. 

I love to worship and praise to music, and I am blessed to be able to do that a lot with the youth group I serve. Obviously worship isn’t just singing; it’s a lifestyle. It is when we put God before ourselves in every situation. 

But what about those intimate and powerful moments that often happen in corporate worship?

The perfectionist in me wants to do everything right–something I know is impossible because I am not Jesus. I must confess that this perfectionist attitude has pervaded my prayer and praise life recently. Even while singing the right songs and giving God glory, my mind couldn’t help but wonder toward my problems and getting them solved. 

I would pray about these troubles, but somehow I didn’t feel as intimately connected to God as I used to. That’s when our youth pastor’s lovely wife, Mandy, gave the students this beautiful reminder:

Release your praise, and He will release His presence.

And that’s when I realized where I had been going wrong these last couple of weeks. I was letting life take over my time with Jesus. I was putting distractions, even good ones such as praying about things, ahead of just soaking in who God is.

My soul was craving quality time with my Heavenly Father. 

After Mandy said this quote, the whole room broke out with students worshiping and praising God. Our focus was where it always should have been. Instead of focusing on how great our problems were, we focused on how great our God is!

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth (Colossians 3:2 NKJV).

From now on I am dedicating time everyday to just bask in God’s presence and praise Him. This has actually helped my prayer life and has reduced the stress from my troubles! Now I feel more able to serve and lead where God has called me. Trust me, the more time you spend getting to know God, the more you crave His presence. 

My challenge for you is that you will set aside time everyday this week–even if it’s just 15 minutes–to simply praise God and rest in His presence. If you take this time to honor God and put Him first, He will release His presence! This is the bare bones of worship, letting Jesus be the number one thing in our lives. Letting the King of Kings to be the king of our hearts.

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Help a Dog!

So I went back and forth in my mind deciding whether or not my blog would be an appropriate place to share this.

Well, since my friend Cody is in desperate need, the Holy Spirit is tugging my heart, and this is my blog, why not!


This is Cody, and he is one extraordinary young man. I often take a cab to college because I can’t drive (due to health issues). Anyway, Cody picks me up a lot, and I’ve gotten to know him quite well.

Cody is in his twenties but works twelve hour shifts so he can take care of himself and his fourteen year old nephew--who he’s raising on his own. This is a guy who rarely complains and has a sweet heart, but is now devastated to find out his eight year old dog Elvira has tumors.

Elvira needs surgery to remove the tumors before they become cancerous. If they get them out in time, then she can live several more years! But with all that Cody has on his plate, he’s finding it hard to come up with the money.

This is a man who loves his dog, and most of us can sympathize because we also have fur babies! If you can, I’m asking you to please consider donating to Elvira’s Go Fund Me.

Even if you can’t donate (which is totally fine), please keep Cody and Elvira in your prayers that he will get the money, and that God’s love and healing would surround them. Thanks so much for reading and supporting!





Confession–I hate scheduling blog posts. Although I may plan to write about certain topics, I find that I just can’t force it creatively.

So here’s to tonight’s rant (yes, it’s Tuesday night as I write this). Right now I have a migraine and it sucks. It feels like my whole body has been working against me these last couple of years. I have IBS, POTS, and these stupid neurological migraines.

And yet, even as I write this I feel guilty for complaining. After all, I don’t have cancer or anything. I really am quite blessed. I guess it’s just hard because I have so much I want to be doing like work and becoming a yoga instructor, but my body is almost always tired or dizzy. And of course, it’s always frustrating when no one can give you any clear cut answers.

Anyway, after this past weekend’s hospital visit for unexplainable dizziness and low blood pressure, I’ve decided I’ve had it. It looks like I will be going out of state this summer to specialists to finally get more answers and better treatment.

I’m not giving up. The devil will not beat me. I know where my hope is found. My life is completely anchored in Christ, and I know I’ll come out stronger because of this. God is doing a good thing in my body, and I am learning to trust in Him.

I’m asking for prayers of healing and answers please! And if any of you reading this suffer from any chronic health condition–you are not alone. God sees you, and He loves you. He has a plan, even though we can’t always see what He’s doing.

Sometimes God takes life’s biggest battles and uses them to draw us closer to Him. Sometimes the challenges of life are what anchors us to our one true hope–Jesus Christ.

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil (Hebrews 6:19 NKJV).

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share 🙂


You've Won


(Photo by Emily)

You’ve won me over

With a tidal wave of  love;

And I can’t help but sing.

The walls are pressing in and

The pressure is stifling.

But You are there–

The calm in the storm.

Tell me You love me as

You hold me tight.

And I’ll tell you I’m sorry

For all the things I said,

And all the ways I didn’t measure up.

I need to know Your beauty;

I crave Your majesty.

All day long I hunger,

Searching for You in the middle

Of my mess.

Pull back the dark curtains

From my eyes.

Dig up my buried heart,

So it can breathe in Your grace again.

Lord I know You are here,

Beckoning me to come closer.

Please have Your way

In this sweet surrender.

Please have Your way–

You’ve won me over.

–Written by Emily @ fearfullywonderfullyme.com. Please feel free to comment and share. All I ask is that you link back to my blog. Thanks for reading!


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