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Mystery Blogger Award!

Hello lovely readers and followers! Today is a great day because I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by the creative, funny, and wise blogger,  Dainty M. I love getting these awards, as it shows just how strong the bonds are between writers in the blogging community. Though they may require effort, they are also a blast. So let’s get started!

This award was first initiated by the wonderful Okoto Enigma, and I think it’s a great way to meet other like-minded bloggers and make new friends.

Here are the rules of the award

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. List the Rules.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  5. Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  6. Answer five questions from the nominee.
  7. Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers.
  8. Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog.
  9. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question.
  10. Share the link to your best post.

Three Things About Myself

  1. I’m a daughter of God, and I strive to honor Him everyday.
  2. I firmly believe that napping is a lifestyle.
  3. I love hair and makeup. I’m not the best at it, but it’s a passion of mine.

Dainty M’s Questions

1. What’s your favourite season of the year?

I really love spring and fall. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, and the transition of the seasons is beautiful.

2. What’s the one thing you’d do if there was no stopping you?

I would get on an airplane and fly to the beach!

3. Soda or juice?

Soda–Diet Coke is my favorite source of caffeine.

4. What’s your idea of fun?

Eating, shopping, reading, writing, sitting outside, and talking with friends.

5. One piece of advice you would tell your younger self?

Your worth is in Jesus alone–not looks or performance. You don’t have to do anything to earn God’s love.

My Best Post

This is kind of a tricky question, but I think that this post is one of my recent favorites.

I Nominate








Beckie Lindsey

Questions for My Nominees

1. Would you rather skydive or bungee jump (if you had to choose)?

2. Name a pet peeve of yours.

3. What do you like to do to relax?

4. What is something you’ve learned over this past year?

5. What’s your favorite summertime treat?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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Spotlight: Calligraphy Artist Rachel Hill

Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! I’m on Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, and the topic for this post is “someone who fascinates you and why.”

I know a lot of fascinating people. As cliché as it may sound, I think everyone is fascinating in their own way. When you really think about it, everyone has unique knowledge and life skills.  Everyone  is gifted with their own special talents by God. That sounds pretty fascinating to me.

Obviously, the most fascinating person to walk the earth would be Jesus Christ, but He’s also God so that makes Him totally out of our league.

Today I want to focus on a new friend of mine who does fabulous calligraphy work. As you may know from this earlier post, my handwriting skills are pretty basic. I like to do calligraphy sometimes, but I find it really challenging. I may be able to string words together to form a blog post or story, but drawing them with intricacy is a whole different story.

Spotlight: Rachel Hill (Instagram: @pensandpleasures_)

Isn’t her work beautiful? These are just a few of my favorite designs by Rachel. I find simple yet elegant designs like these to be so inspiring.

Since Rachel is a Christian, she does a lot of scripture-based calligraphy as well.  She is also taking drawing requests, so please hop on over to her Instagram (link above) and check her out!

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers (Exodus 35:35 NIV).

Thanks for reading! Is there someone in your life who you find fascinating? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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Switching Up The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hello lovely readers and followers! Welcome back to Day 11 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s Topic: Your Favorite TV Show.

But First…

Before I jump into the topic of today’s post, I just wanted to make a little announcement. Although I am not quitting the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I am only going to be posting the topics on my Fashion Friday posts.

The reason I am doing this is because with blogging, school, and editing my book, I am getting WAAYY too much screen time. When I was little, staring at a video game screen for too long would give me headaches. Even now I can’t play most video games, and if I spend too much time reading on Kindle or scrolling on social media, I will get dizzy or get headaches.

So after much prayer and thought, I’ve decided to cut back on the blogging. But not to worry! I am just going back to my regular twice a week schedule. Sure the challenge may take me longer, but at least it gives me some cool content to write about while I show my Friday fashion collages!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

My Favorite TV Shows

Honestly, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I spend more time reading or watching YouTube videos I guess. However, I still watch reruns of my all time favorite TV show, Ed Edd n Eddy. This is the best show ever–hands down. The cell style animation is so cool, and I loved trying to draw the characters with my friend Paige when I was younger.  They also have the best lines of any cartoon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please check it out on YouTube!

Right now the only show I really watch regularly is This Is Us. It’s such a great show. It really shows the dynamics of family, and how important it is to love one anther–despite our quirks. I may also have a crush on one of the actors (cough…Justin Hartley…cough).

Other shows I like to watch every now and then are Everybody Loves Raymond, Sailor Moon, Gilmore Girls, and My Cat From Hell (which is about cute, but misbehaving cats).

That’s about it for me! What TV shows do you like to watch? Let me know in the comments below!

Make sure to check out Courtney at 1Timothy4:12Girl as she partners with me in this challenge! I’ll be back next Friday with fashion and Day 12 of the challenge 🙂

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15 Interesting Facts About Me~Day 8 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hello lovely readers and followers! Welcome back to Day 8 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s Topic: 15 Interesting Facts About Me

15 (Mostly Interesting) Facts About Me

  1. I know all of the lyrics to Feliz Navidad.
  2. I’m left-handed–but I can do a lot of things with my right hand (like knitting and using scissors).
  3. I’m always changing my hair style.
  4. I’m becoming obsessed with flying and airplanes (more on that here).
  5. I’m working on my first novel!
  6. I struggle with chronic illness, but God always gives me the strength and energy to get things done.
  7. I love people–even if they drive me nuts. I try to see the good in everyone.
  8. I’m an avid collector of Betsey Johnson purses.
  9. I’m a crazy cat lady.
  10. I love just about anything vintage–decorations, furniture, fashion, photography, etc.
  11. I am a recovering nail biter.
  12. I like photography–especially nature.
  13. I’m a relatively slow reader. Yes, you can be a bookworm and not read fast!
  14. By God’s grace, I’ve managed to keep a 4.0 in college.
  15. I love the cartoon Ed Edd n Eddy, and I can do a pretty good impersonation of Ed.

Thanks for reading! Tell me something interesting about you in the comments below!

Make sure to check out Courtney at 1Timothy4:12Girl as she partners with me in this challenge! I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 9 of the challenge 🙂

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My Favorite Foods~Day 5 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hello lovely readers and followers! Welcome back to Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s Topic: My Favorite Foods and Why

My Favorite Foods

I kind of consider myself a foodie, as I love to eat. I am a picky eater though. My stomach only tolerates bland foods, so some people may think my tastes are rather boring. These are five of the most interesting and tasty dishes that I love!

1. Breakfast Food

I have a thing for breakfast food–it’s almost like a romance really. I’m definitely not a morning person, and sometimes the thought of breakfast is the only motivation for me not to hit the snooze button! I love cereal, oatmeal, eggs, toast, and muffins. I love french toast and bacon–especially at Cracker Barrel. And if I could,  I would live off of McDonald’s breakfast biscuits.

(Cracker Barrel is bae)

2. My Mom’s Meat Balls and Spaghetti 

I really wish I had a photo of my mom’s amazing cooking! You know it’s a holiday in my house when you wake up to the smell of sweet and sour meatballs in the crock pot. My mom’s spaghetti is also amazing and tangy–great comfort food on a cold winter night.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Inside of me is a southern girl trying to get out. Let’s face it, sweet potatoes are the candy of the vegetable world.


4. Ice Cream

Although my IBS says no, my heart says pretty please (with sprinkles!). Ice cream is my food of choice all spring and summer. Cookies and cream is my favorite, but I also love Fruity Pebbles or vanilla with sprinkles.


5. Subs

My obsession with sub sandwiches started with my digestive issues. Subs are bland (when they have no sauce), and contain all of the food groups you need. They are easy on my stomach and so delicious. I love trying new sub shops and putting chips on my sandwiches!


Thanks for reading! What are your favorite foods? Tell me in the comments below!

Make sure to check out Courtney at 1Timothy4:12Girl as she partners with me in this challenge! I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 6 of the challenge 🙂

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