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Reluctant to Wed: A Book Review

Hello lovely readers and followers! Today I am reviewing the book Reluctant to Wed by the lovely Anneliese Dalaba. This is a special opportunity for me, as Anneliese is the wife of my former pastor. I had no idea she was a writer, so when I found out about her book, I knew I needed to check it out!

(Note: This is not a paid review or sponsored post. All opinions are my own.)

Reluctant to Wed is a regency period romance novel that centers on Emma, a young woman from a small farm town in Pennsylvania. In order to save her family’s farm, Emma agrees to move to England and marry the Earl of Devonport (also known as Devon).

Emma dreams of a marriage full of love and faith, but Devon is looking for a marriage solely of convenience. Due to hidden fears from his past, he is unable to trust women and marriage. However, Emma’s beauty and forthright personality begin to awaken his heart for her. Unfortunately, circumstances and people from their past may keep Emma from her dream marriage.  

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Reluctant to Wed: A Book Review

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Once I read about the premise, I was drawn to the story immediately. I’m not well read in the regency period genre, but Emma is the type of main character that I could see Jane Austen dreaming up.

I love character driven plots, which is what Reluctant to Wed is. Emma is sincere and straightforward, especially for a woman of that time period. Reading about her transition from an American farm girl to a British lady in high society intrigued me. Although Emma lacked any major flaws, I still felt she was a believable character.

Devon, the second protagonist, was definitely a favorite character of mine. I loved him and hated him at the same time! Although I could tell he was a man of integrity and had growing feelings for Emma, he was also stubborn and haunted, leading him to make poor decisions.

Anneliese also knows how to draw a reader into the lives of the supporting characters. I was especially fond of Emma’s maid, Bessie. I would really love to hear more about her life story in a separate novel–she is that dynamic!

Favorite Quotes

Learning to accept whatever life handed to her was her goal, and she would not allow anything to bring her down. Her faith was in God and she trusted Him to see her through. (p. 50)

She’d rather hurt because she dared to love than to become bitter and gain a cold heart. (p. 136)

Devon watched her walk gracefully across the room to the door. She was grace and fire. (p. 41)

Reluctant to Wed: A Book Review

Final Thoughts

In addition to the interesting characters and premise, I also enjoyed the plot of Reluctant to Wed. Although the pace was slower at times, every sentence was valuable in building Emma and Devon’s world and moving the story along.

I also love the way Anneliese wove the message of the Gospel and Godly values into every chapter. There are many romance novels claiming to be Christian, but don’t even mention the name of Jesus. Anneliese made God a main character in the story in a refreshing way.

I also appreciate that this novel was clean. Although the reader can tell that Emma and Devon are attracted to one another, it is not overdone. Any mention of sex was referenced in their marriage and in a tasteful way. This novel would be appropriate for most teens.

Overall, I highly recommend Reluctant to Wed. If you like romance or regency period novels, then this is a novel you will enjoy. It’s filled with romance, drama, suspense, and even moments that made me laugh aloud.

I look up to Emma’s character as a great role model of a strong, humble, and Godly young woman. If you’re ready to fall in love with a great story and dynamic characters, then you’ll definitely fall for Reluctant to Wed.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

(Photography by Joanna Kosinska and Vinicius Henrique)

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My First Experience at Chic-Fil-A!

Hello lovely readers and followers! Today is foodie Friday (at least for this post). We just got a Chic-Fil-A where I Iive, and it’s so packed! The line is so long it wraps around two buildings!

I heard that they’re a Christian company, and my siblings (who live in the south) say the food is addicting. So last weekend my Mom and I braved the crowd and waited in line for 20 minutes for our food!


The line really didn’t seem that long to be honest. The staff was really nice and directed the traffic well. I ordered their original Chic-Fil-A sandwich (without pickle, bleh!).  And of course, their famous waffle fries!


The food was really good! It was the best chicken sandwich I ever had, and it was super big. The fries were very tasty and not greasy. It really wasn’t like fast food at all.


A close-up of the waffle fries–because #FriesBeforeGuys 😉

Although I may not be going back until it gets less popular (if that’s even possible), I will be eating there again! I can see myself getting addicted, but I think next time I’ll try the grilled chicken nuggets.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed this random review. My friends liked my pictures so much I thought it would be fun to blog about.

Are you addicted to Chic-Fil-A? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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October Style~Edgy Cardigans

Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! To all of my readers in Florida and South Carolina who are going through Hurricane Matthew, my prayers are with you. I have family down south, but fortunately they live inland. I hope you all stay safe!

Today’s post is dedicated to my edgy Mossimo Cardigan from Target! I am absolutely obsessed with this beauty. I stumbled upon it on accident while searching for a dress to wear to my Grandma’s funeral. I guess that’s what Target does to you. I always walk in intending to buy one thing and walk out with something else 🙂


As you can see, the cardigan is a moto jacket style with pointed ends. It is a little shorter in the back and very flattering. The sleeves are nice and long, and it fits true to size. I love pairing it with a simple tee and some fall boots!


The cardigan also came in black, but I loved the white because of the black and grey speckles of fabric woven in. It is a very subtle, yet edgy texture that really adds dimension. The cardigan is thick, like a light jacket. It’s great for those chilly fall mornings and warmer afternoons.

I hope you liked this review! Cardigans and boots are my addiction right now (especially in burgundy). I’m thinking of doing a style post on some of my boots next. What do you think of that? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share 🙂

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Fall Fashion Review~Cleo Madison

Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! Today is a very special post because I am doing a fashion review for modest clothing company Cleo Madison. This online company sells clothes that are both classy and stylish. All skirts and dresses are around knee length, so you don’t have to worry about anything being too short. Their tops are also longer in length, with just the right amount of coverage.

Cleo Madison mentioned my blog in their post about modesty, and I was very honored. I asked if I could do a clothing review for them, and they agreed! In my experience, this is a very friendly company to work with.

I feel kind of bad because this is my first review and I’m posting it later than I expected. Since my Grandma died and the new semester started, it feels like my whole life has changed. But the good news is I’m back and working things out to bring you all even more fashion posts like these!

Now on to the review!


I decided to purchase the Belle Floral Top, and I absolutely love it! It has a loose, flowy fit, and the pointed ends make it very figure flattering.



The fabric is a mix of rayon and spandex. It has that silky feel but is very durable. I was honestly surprised by the quality of the fabric for the price! The floral print is also gorgeous. It’s bold, but not too big.




Although this top is kind of dressy, it is perfect for occasions where you want to feel pretty but not too formal. I’m pairing it with my dress leggings, but it also goes well with jeans. I feel like the warm colors, light fabric, and half sleeves make this tunic the perfect transition for autumn. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review! I sure did have a lot of fun playing with my camera while outside in my backyard (ignore the kid swings lol). Don’t forget to check out Cleo Madison here when you have the chance.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share 🙂

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