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  • You May Not be Worthy, but You Are Valued
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    You May Not Be Worthy, but You Are Valued

    I scroll through Instagram, glancing at the images when I see the increasingly popular hashtag attached to inspirational Christian posts. #worthy The concept of worthiness is popular in makeup commercials and diet ads. And that makes sense, of course. Self-care and beauty products tell us we’re worth it because a hardworking woman deserves such things. However, this is a worldly standard, not a Biblical one. When it comes to salvation, we must face a harsh truth. We are not worthy–not even close. But we are valued. Worthy of Nothing What’s the difference between having worth and being valued? Well, for the spiritual purpose of this post, worthiness is counted as…

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    The Beauty of Suffering

    “Life sucks and then you die.” That’s what my eccentric eighth grade science teacher used to say whenever one of us would complain about tests or homework. Although that statement is definitely harsh, sometimes it can feel true (just keeping it real). I have a friend who’s in the fight of his life against a nasty cancer. I know people who have lost their parents and siblings. There are people struggling from hunger and homelessness. This isn’t shocking. This is life. And while there are many blessings in this life, there are also many hardships. Why? Why does God allow this suffering? I’m pretty sure we have all asked this…

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    Once Was Enough

    My hands cramp up as I Knit stitch after stitch, Trying to form the perfect tapestry Out of an imperfect heart. It never ends This cloak of guilt. Day after day I punch the sky, Trying to find a way out A way to freedom.   My legs are on fire as I Run in staggered steps, My lungs constricted by the winter chill. I don’t know what I’m running from, But I can feel the weight of it Reaching for me like a dense fog. Day after day I collapse into its dark embrace, Wondering if there’s a way out A  way to deliverance.   Always I try To…

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    3 Ways You Can Help Change The World

    On a cold Friday morning, I opened my Bible, sitting cross-legged on my bedroom carpet. As I prayed, I felt a sudden urge to pray for airlines and their pilots, asking God to bless and protect them. Why did I do this? Despite my new found love of flying, I truly believe that the Holy Spirit led me to pray. Later that afternoon when I checked the news, I saw the terrifying report of the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting.  My heart broke. So many lives were lost, hurt, and traumatized. I felt chills run down my spine as I realized why God had led me to pray. When I looked back…

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    FirstFruits~Mirrors of Faith

    Hello lovely readers and followers! Welcome to Part 4 of the FirstFruits series, which is the last part of our adventure together in James 1. Recently I went to a youth convention with the youth group I help lead. It was awesome–over a thousand students worshiping Jesus together and hearing some powerful preaching! It really made an impact on my life as well. One of the speakers who preached (I don’t know why I didn’t write down his name) said something that really inspired me, and I think it goes really well with today’s post. Are we going to spend our life looking in a mirror or walking out the…