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    The Writing Diaries: What Writing is All About

    Writing is an art, and like any other art, it requires time and devotion. In order to understand the purpose of creative writing, (such as novels, poetry, and short stories) we must think of the purpose of more “familiar” art–such as painting or music. The Feels With art, the purpose is to make the audience feel. This is the exact same thing with creative writing. The best books are always the ones that made you laugh out loud or cry (or both). They are the ones that made your heart swell and break–taking you back in time. The Truth (However Ugly It May Be) However, there is more to writing…

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    The Writing Diaries: Overcoming Writer's Block

    It is one of the most dreaded nightmares for writers everywhere. It is the one that keeps us up at night–haunted and staring at a computer screen. It is absolutely paralyzing, and (if nothing is done about it)¬†could¬†lead to the demise of a piece of work. Writer’s block. What do we do about it? Well first of all, we need to acknowledge this fear for what it is. Writer’s block is when a writer of any kind gets stuck–whether it be creatively or motivational. It’s important to know that everyone gets writer’s block; even Stephen King battles it! That said, it can be conquered. Here are three ways to overcome…

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    The Writing Diaries: How Not to Start a Novel

    Welcome back to part two of The Writing Diaries! I am working like crazy trying to edit my book (and failing lol), but between course work, new church duties (more on this on Friday’s post!), babysitting, and time with family and friends, I am swamped! And you know what? I love every bit of it! Yes, life can get stressful, but my life is full. It is full of love, opportunities, blessings, and intimate moments with Jesus. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am, but I will tell you that my life was never this full until I began my walk with God. Now back to the topic at…