• Biblical feminism in a secular world
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    Biblical Feminism in a Secular World

    With empowering movies such as Wonder Woman, an increase in female college graduates, and the empowering testimonies of the Me Too movement, it’s no wonder that feminism is one of the hot topics of American culture. However, feminism is also the catalyst for a great divide among Christians. No matter which side you’re on, it’s wrong. If you’re a feminist, then that means you support abortion and promote a homosexual lifestyle. If you’re not a modern feminist, then that means you think women are worth less than men. Both of these views are extreme and pretty “un-Christian.” So where should we stand, as Bible believing Christian women, on feminism? Is…

  • What makes a woman beautiful?
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    What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

    Beauty. It’s absolutely everywhere in our culture, isn’t it? We idolize beautiful women, or at least, those we consider beautiful according to superficial standards. Take a look at celebrities like  Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Women who are famous for good looks, sexuality, and materialism…but not much else. A Beautiful Lie Even Taylor Swift, a talented songwriter and singer, is losing fans because of her newfound focus on vengeance and victimization in her songs. But what ever happened to grace, values, or class? Is Hollywood and social media portraying an accurate depiction of beauty? Ladies, we’ve been robbed. We live in a culture that says it’s wrong to be feminine or…

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    Man, I Feel Like a Woman!

    (Photo Credit) Being a girl is awesome. I believe in equal rights for men and women, and I think that women athletes and soldiers are inspiring. Men and women are equally intelligent, although in different ways, and can both make productive members of society. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work and plan on obtaining a master’s as well. But I have a secret. Deep down I am a stereotypical girl. I love cooking and baking. I love decorating and making crafts. I love fashion and beauty. I dream of getting married and being a bride. I long for having my own family and my own house to…