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Another day that feels


As I lie awake, heart racing,
Trying to put my pieces back together
So I don’t feel


I fell today
For the lies of another empty song.

I lost today
In the front lines of my mind.

My body is tired,
Ravaged by distress.

My soul is tired,
Weighed down by memories
That take me to melancholy lane.

All the things I’ve wanted to do,
But never could


I can see the dream stealers,
Creeping in the middle of the night.
Making me forget why
I Chose to move forward.

You say Your yoke is easy
But this burden I have has tied me


I can’t get up and face today–
Not in my own strength.

I know that with You I’m anything but


So I’ll surrender to
The only Love
That gives without taking.

The only peace
That leaves no room for fear.

Only this way can I rise
And feel my brokeness,
Being mended by Your strong hands,
So I can glisten in the sun.

Only this way can I gain
What the enemy took away.

Only this way can I take today,
And make it beautiful.

Because of You
No tear
No shout
No fear
No joy
No love is


–Written by Emily Smith © at

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Sometimes I get lost at sea.
The waves billow over
And I’m drowning–
Reaching out my arms for something
I cannot see.

It’s the word of life,
But it’s also easier said than done.
Everywhere I look there’s a storm.
As I’m thrown into the waters,
My body is weighed down.

I break through the surface,
Fighting for my life aimlessly.
When will the struggle end?
When will my fight be enough
To win the battle?

Darkness overwhelms me,
And soon I am falling–
Drowning deeper into the depths
Of these murky waters.

All hope is lost…

Until I see the light,
Faintly glowing from the surface.
I stretch out my arms–
Fighting one last time.
As I kick my legs
I find myself getting nowhere.
But somehow the light shines brighter.

And then I realize I don’t need to fight.
It was never my battle in the first place.
As I break the surface to a new dawn,
I am surrounded by peace, love,
And serenity.

I can see the Son beyond the horizon
As I float past the wreckage,
Toward this incredible light.
Slowly but surely I’ll make it
To this golden perfection.
It’s as if everything I’ve ever wanted
Can be found in this light.

Still floating I realize,
There’s only one thing
Weighing me down
As it guides me toward the horizon.
It’s the only anchor I’ll ever need.

Fresh and alive as it shines
Over the horizon.
I lift up my face to laugh at the sky.
Now I know it all starts with one word–


Written by Emily at

So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous,  he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!” And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14: 29-31 NKJV).

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Out of the Fire


(Photo by Me)

My mind is a fire,
Growing and expanding
Releasing from the tip of my pen.

It’s been set ablaze
With voices of light and darkness,
Ready to escape
Onto the lines of the paper.

Can you hear them?
They tell me where to go
And what to think,
As I run around
This obstacle in front of me.

But I contain them
With every breath.
I let them live and move
Beneath the trapdoor
Of my mind.

I manage them
Because I am too busy
With my swirling world
That loses its color,
Like a fading photograph.

But You set me off again–
With just one spark.
You breathe life and color
Into the mundane.

You release the voices
Into a symphony of words,
Catapulting onto my notebook–
Like drops spraying
From a fountain of life.

Out of the fire comes gold,
And out of the darkness
I find my place to shine.

Written by Emily at

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I know this isn’t your average post from The Writing Diaries, but I wanted to take a moment to dive into the emotional creativity that writing really is. Hope you enjoyed it! God bless you <3

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