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Her Angel Butterfly

Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! Today is Day 15 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Today’s Topic: Something that you miss.

To be honest, I am crying right now as I think about how much I miss my Grandma Jean. I know she’s not a “thing,” but she is someone who means the world to me. She is with Jesus now, and I am so glad. But I’m also human, which means I still love and miss her.

I miss how she used to sing cute songs with me when I was little.

I miss how she taught me my times tables the summer before the third grade. It was the only time I was ever ahead in math.

I miss the flowers in her garden and how we used to make them dance in a bowl of water.

I miss her yippy little dogs and how they would lick my toes.

I miss spending the night with her and listening to my headphones, thinking of all my teenage woes.

I miss her telling me stories of her childhood, and believe me, some of them were pretty crazy.

I miss coming over to her house–my Grandpa sleeping in his chair while she watched her TV programs and flipped through magazines. She would always share them with me.

I miss how she chewed gum all the time and left it in odd places. She taught me how to blow bubbles when I was little, and I thought that was pretty amazing.

I miss how Grandpa would take me to the doctor or pick me up from school, and we would all go to McDonalds.

I miss her fruit salad. She would make it for every holiday, and it was always my favorite dessert.

I miss eating peanut butter sandwiches with our caffeine free Diet Cokes for lunch after her open heart surgery.

I miss her brutal honesty. She was a woman who would never hold back on her opinion.

I miss hugging her, and the way she would kiss my mouth and get her lipstick all over me.

I miss how she used to call me her Angel Butterfly. 

Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4 NKJV).

Thanks for reading! I know this post was pretty emotional, but I believe that writing these feelings out is like therapy.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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Being Thankful During Hard Times


There are a lot of things to be grateful for in life, but sometimes it’s hard to be glad if you are struggling.

Right now I’m going through a lot of change in my life–both good and difficult. That’s life. There’s change and loss. I’m just being real.

I want you to know that it’s possible to be a thankful Christian even when life gets tough. 

Emotions aren’t singular; at times it can seem like they overwhelm us.  We can be a whole rainbow of emotions on any given day, and that’s okay. That’s also  good news for those of us who may be sad or stressed this year, but still want to take part in Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday, it’s a lifestyle–through the good times and the bad.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God (Philippians 4:6 NKJV).

We can talk to God about anything and everything. Through our deepest hurts and fears we can still be thankful because God hears us and He cares for us.

So what am I thankful for?

My Family. We are not perfect, and we have experienced loss, but I still love them. Lord help me to never take them for granted.

My Friends and Church. A community of imperfect people who always have your back is more than amazing.

My Health. Although my body is complicated and I do struggle, I know it can be so much worse. The doctors tell me I’m lucky. I know I’m blessed with purpose.

The Youth Group I Serve. We will always be a family–through the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

My Blog and the Blogging Community. There have been times of writer’s block and discouragement, but lovely reader you give me so much support and love.  Thank you for being a part of my journey.

My Faithful Jesus. You are the God who lifts me up when I fall. You give me strength when I am weak. I am so thankful to be Your daughter.

Thank you for reading this! I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving (with lots of good food!).

What are you thankful for?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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My Butterfly, My Muse~A Poem For My Sister


Her hair streaked with gold,

Glistening in the sun.

Her aviators shining,

Reflecting the wonder in my face.

She is that girl,

The tan blonde with boot-cut jeans

And soulful eyes.

My butterfly, my muse.

In all her forms she is lovely,

Her laugh trickling down my spine

Like water.

An Eskimo kiss to send her off

To the land where dreams are falling stars.

And as they wave past,

I see the twinkle in her heavy eyes.

Just don’t fly too far

My butterfly, my muse.


Written by Emily Smith at fearfullywonderfullyme.com, 2016 ©

I hope you liked this poem! I love my big sister and have always admired her beauty and love for butterflies. From the time I started writing poetry she has always been an inspiration. She never fails at being my muse. This one’s for you Cecie. 

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share (all I ask is that you link back to my blog for credit). 

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Turkey, Family, and An Engagement?!

Made with Square InstaPic

Hello my dear readers and followers! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I surely did! The two people in the photo above are my brother Ben and his beautiful new fiance, Kayla…right after he proposed to her!

That’s right–the night before Thanksgiving we took Ben and Kayla (who came from out of state) downtown where he proposed to her. I was honored enough to get it on video. Congrats big brother!


The next day was Thanksgiving, and we surely did have a lot of food! I am very thankful that I’ve never gone hungry in my life, and that my mom taught me how to cook like her!


A little look on what was on my plate this year. Recently I have been put on a gluten and dairy free diet for my IBS, so there was no stuffing or dinner rolls for me this year. However, I did have some delicious turkey (smothered in cranberry sauce of course), and a little cheat with my mom’s famous meatballs.


Later on that night we decorated our Christmas tree! My mom and grandma hid the pickle ornament (which we learned is a German tradition), and us “kids” had to find it. Kayla found it first, so she got to open her Christmas presents first!

We sort of had a combination holiday of Thanksgiving and Christmas–also known as Merry Thanksgivmas ^_^


Here’s my Christmas present from my big brother! Ever since middle school, he has gotten me a bear from Build-a-Bear Workshop. It is his special way of keeping in touch with me since he lives out of state. No, I am not ashamed. I may be a grown woman, but you are never too old for a cuddly teddy bear!

This bear is super special because she is “Darth Emily!” Ben and I both love Star Wars (he got me into it lol), so this is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She even smells like cotton candy!


On Saturday my mom and I threw my brother and his fiance an engagement party at a nice Italian restaurant. Here are the decorations my aunt helped me set up!

I am so blessed to be able to see my brother and to witness his proposal. I love Kayla so much and can’t wait for her to be my new sister! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Although we may be small, our bond is strong. God has given me an amazing life, and I am very blessed <3

Thanks for reading! I am so glad that I got to share my holiday weekend with you. What did you do for Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments below!


Stay tuned for another post on The Writing Diaries next week!


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