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90’s Kid Plaid


Happy Friday lovely readers and followers! It’s starting to feel a lot like fall. I’m enjoying fresh apples and mild sunny weather. I also hope to visit a cider mill soon! When I think of fall fashion, three things come to my mind: faux leather jackets, scarves, and…flannel!

I love a good plaid flannel button down. When I was helping out at the youth group last week, I had a feeling that the youth pastor’s wife would be dressed in plaid flannel like me. I was right!

This is a trend that was super popular in the 90’s. Now you can channel your inner 90’s grunge kid with anything plaid–whether it be a flannel, a dress or skirt, or a scarf. Get creative with it!

Thanks for reading! What activity or fashion trend are you looking forward to this fall? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends of 2016

Happy spring! I can definitely feel the warmer weather as each breeze sweeps through the open windows. And of course, spring fashion is one of my absolute favorite parts of the season. So I’ve made some collages to bring you up to speed on the top 5 trends that are happening this year. Enjoy =)

1. Into the Blue

Pastels are always in for spring, but this year light blue and teal colors are popping up everywhere from jeans to makeup!

2. Floral Dream

I love floral prints because they can fit any style–whether it be girly, edgy, or bohemian. The Betsy Johnson purse and Dr. Martens boots are so cute!

3. Wild West

The western look is back! We saw snippets of it with fringe and flared jeans in the fall, but now you can break out your suede booties and denim dresses for this beautifully wild look!

4. Lavender Love

Another color that’s popular this year is lavender! I’m starting to really love this beautiful shade, and I think the perfect outfit could be made by pairing lavender with a pale blue item.

5. Lovely Lace

If you go to any clothing store, you will find that the number one fabric this season is lace! Keep this girly texture grounded by some edgy sunglasses or a (faux) leather jacket.

Do these collages make you want to go shopping? I’ve already went through some of my old clothes and found some spring inspiration! Sometimes closet shopping can be the best kind of shopping 🙂

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite fashion trend for spring? Please comment below!

Like my fashion posts? See all of my collages and more on my Polyvore blog!

(Note: I am not being payed/sponsored by any of the brands listed above. I simply love these products and wanted to share.)


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