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    That Post About Sin

    (Photo Credit) Let’s talk about sin. I know, it’s uncomfortable. Why don’t I just write about God’s love or amazing grace? Well, I do love writing about all that, but it’s kind of hard to get a grip on how unfathomable God’s love is for us until we realize how much we really don’t deserve it.  That last sentence hurts, but we have to remember that Jesus didn’t die for perfect people. He died for murderers, liars, gluttons, adulterers, and selfish people. He died for you and me. The good news of the Gospel is because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can be forgiven of all of these sins.…

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    Why Does God Forgive Us?

    Photo Credit Have you ever forgiven someone just so you could move on? Have you ever extended mercy simply so you didn’t have to have the other person’s action weighing heavy on your heart anymore? I’ve already talked about forgiveness and what a relief and healing it can bring us. And I think that the more Christians practice this, the more they see how much forgiveness can make themselves feel better too! So why does God forgive us? Is it because He loves us? Yup (John 3:16). Is it because He is rich in mercy? You got it (Ephesians 2:4). But there’s also another reason why God wants us to accept…

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    What the Bible Really Says About Forgiveness

    Let’s talk about forgiveness. Yup. I’m sure you’re thinking, why that? Any post but that! Sorry, but it has to be done. As Christians, we think we know how forgiveness works. Forgive people and God will forgive you (Matthew 6:15), and keep on forgiving and giving second chances (Luke 17:3-4). Yup, got it. Wait. What does that last verse say? When I hear most preachers talk about Luke 17, they always make it sound like if someone sins against you a whole bunch of times, you must give them a second chance every single time. Although I’m a firm believer in forgivness, this verse almost sounds like we are supposed…

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    New Sometimes I fear The pain that will rise When the past comes hurdling back All to my surprise. When all of the things I know Are all of the things He died For me to let go. All of us are stained And all of us are broken. But we are a new creation Those are the words that God has spoken. So through all of the world’s lies And behind every tear I know in my soul that He can hear. Like a bunch of children Who have made themselves a mess God has forgiven and cleaned us up His love is all the best.   ~Emily S. <3 Fearfullywonderfullyme.wordpress.com