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The True Strength of Christian Friendships (Guest Post)

Hello lovely readers and followers! This week  I wrote a guest post on friendship for M Words and the Christian Woman, a lovely blog I contribute too. Below is a preview and link to the post. Please read and share! 

“We’ve bought into the enemy’s lie that we can’t live a fulfilling life without a man. And because of this, we forget the sisterhood God gave us.”

“There is nothing wrong with wanting to be married or in a relationship. Those are healthy and wonderful desires that God honors for many. But we don’t even realize that it takes a healthy spiritual life and strong friendships in order to build our character for a serious relationship.”

Christian friendship

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Separated at Birth~A Guest Post by Jeffrey H. King

Hello lovely readers and followers! Today’s post is brought to you by Jeffrey H. King. Jeffrey is a Christian blogger and writer with a humorous and creative edge. When he submitted this post about a man’s viewpoint on women and marriage, I was intrigued. It’s really refreshing to hear a Christian man’s perspective. Ladies, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man (Genesis 2:22).

I love women.  I really do.  I find women to be as beautiful as any sunset or sunrise God ever made.  I can sit and watch women walk by for hours just to enjoy these works of art God made.


Men and women were, shall we say, separated at “birth.”  Women are the better half.  They are the partner God made so man wouldn’t be alone.  They reflect so much of God that you can’t help just wanting to be around them!

I’m not just talking about some company for when you’re lonely or to pick up the remote.  They are life giving and life sustaining.  No man can nurture like a woman.  No man can comfort like a woman.

Let me get specific for you.  My wife Julie and I have been married for 31 years.  I made a real effort to be involved in my daughters’ lives, but when things got ugly, they wanted Mom.  She was the one who taught them their basic life skills, how to act with people, to love books, to make your own games, and so much more.

I’ve found myself skidding up to the grave three times so far; double-bypass, gangrenous gall bladder, and a bad reaction to a drug that should have caused renal failure but didn’t.

My Julie pulled me through each time.  After heart surgery, she helped me sit up in bed in the morning.  I couldn’t do it myself right away.  She dressed me, made GREAT sandwiches for me, and was even part body-guard, always looking out for something I might get hurt by.  She took me to the ER in the middle of the night when my gall bladder perforated, leaking gangrene juice into my abdominal cavity,  and she cared for me when that statin reaction had me so weak I could barely get around.

Let’s face it; my family swam in the shallow end of the gene pool!

I didn’t have any water wings when I found myself in the diving well, but I did have my Julie!

Our marriage is 100/100.  We both give and we both get.  We are partners!  She is my love and my life.  This world would be a darker place without her.

Each of you ladies reading this need to understand that this is the God-given “superpower” bestowed upon each of you!  You are His guardians of life.  You are the best part of man – and God – here to do some awesome work.  And the great thing about that?  It’s your gift.  You come by it naturally.  It’ll happen when the right guy comes along.  It’s like a Tomb Raider movie where the two halves of something special are brought together and the power is released.

I’m not saying there won’t be trials; there will be!  But you are that special part of humanity ordained by God to tend to life.

So, if you are ever walking through a mall or down a street, and some old guy watches you go by where he’s sitting, maybe that’s me watching a beautiful part of Creation pass by.

Hey there, it’s Emily! I hope you all enjoyed this guest post. Stay tuned for Friday because I am planning a special post for you all <3

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Believe Again


A Guest Post by Dainty M. 

It’s absolutely exhausting and distressing to believe something will happen and it doesn’t. Or to believe someone wouldn’t do something and they do. When unpleasant things happen and disappointments lace our days, it’s really hard to believe in anything.

Some people have stopped believing in love because their experience with it left them heartbroken. Some don’t believe in God because they felt disappointed by Him when bad things happened.

I’ve trusted and believed something will happen this year but hey, the 8th month is about to roll around, when will it happen? I’ve drowned in despair and to be honest, believing again is much harder than just writing it in a post. I honestly fear hoping again or believing again. But you know what? Nothing will happen if you don’t believe!

Jesus worked with people’s faith. “If you believe”…”just believe”…”she believed and saw”…these are snippets of miracles in the Bible. James also talked about trusting without wavering.

Some of us believe in plan A but have plan B safely tucked in a corner of our minds. If God doesn’t do A, we will do B. I’ve come to understand that trusting and believing means falling back on the confidence that God will catch you. He won’t let you fall (and if He does, it’s because there’s a greater glory to attain in making you rise again).

So hey! Life happens. It gets crappy sometimes. But you’ve gotta believe again. You’ve gotta trust God again. Stand on His unfailing word and watch Him wow you.

Hello lovely readers and followers, it’s Emily! I hope you enjoyed this encouraging post by my blogger friend, Dainty M. Check out Dainty M’s blog here to see more of her posts.

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For My Grandma~A Guest Post by Dainty M

Guest Post: The Quiet Whisper


(Photo by Me)

Hello everyone! I’m very excited for today’s post because I am hosting my first guest post! So please welcome Alice Carter from Cherry Drop Princess! Alice has a wonderful blog full of devotionals and interesting topics for Christian ladies.

I also have a guest post on her blog today, so feel free to check it out!

I remember asking Alice to write one of her little stories for my blog because I always connect with them. When we sent each other our posts, we had no idea what topic the other would write about. The awesome thing is that we both wrote about the same topic! It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit led us to write about spiritual rest and spending time with God.

Anyway, here is Alice’s post. Enjoy 🙂

The Quiet Whisper

“God, why don’t you ever speak to me?” Carly prayed as she returned to her room after a long day at college, dropping her books in the pile of stuff that was already on her bed.

“I mean, I do believe in you, and I think that you love me, I just wish that you would speak to me. Like you do to everyone else.” Distracted, she reached over and turned on her radio. It wasn’t long until she had to head out again.

It never felt like she spent that much time in her room these days. She liked it that way; liked to be kept busy. She changed out of her clothes and into some new ones redoing her hair and putting on a bit more makeup. Leaving another pile of clothes on top of the books already on her bed. There was probably a Bible hidden under there somewhere as well. She looked at the clock again realizing she was going to have to run if she wanted to get to the bus on time.

She handed her cash over to the driver before finding a seat, breathing heavily from having to run halfway down the street to catch the bus. Finally a bit of time to think, or even pray, she thought as she plugged her earphones in and turned up the music. Soon she was distracted again.

The evening passed by in a blur of food and laughter, before she knew it she was back in her room. Exhausted. It was so quiet in there she could almost feel it, pressing in on her. She didn’t like the quiet, so many thoughts came into her mind when it was quiet. Too many truths she didn’t want to hear.

She reached over to turn on the radio before stopping. “God I want to hear from you, I need to hear from you.”

She laid down in her bed, crying. “God I want to hear your voice, why aren’t you here.” Soon she felt tears trickling down her cheeks.

Everyone else seemed to hear from God, apart from her: they would sometimes fall over in church, sometimes they would have prophecies, they knew what God wanted them to do with their lives, nothing like that ever happened to her. “God, why won’t you speak to me?” Her heart cried.

“Carly,” she heard her named whispered to her heart. “Why are you always rushing around, you never spend time with me.”

“I do, I go to church, and I’m in a small group, I have an accountability group and a prayer triplet. I help at the kids club and the old ladies group, I am always doing things for you.”

“You are always doing things for me, but do you ever spend time with me? Just me and you. I am always speaking, but you don’t hear me because you don’t stop and listen.”

All at once she realized she didn’t ever spend quiet time with God, she was so busy.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, realizing her guilt.

“I love you Carly, you are my precious child, and I love spending time with you. Won’t you slow down and spend some time with me?”

 The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.” Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. (1 Kings 19:11-12)

Alice lives in London with her husband Joe, and dwarf rabbit Misses. She works as a teaching assistant and loves Christ, chocolate and crochet!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! And thank you again to Alice Carter for sharing such a heartfelt devotional with us 🙂

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Love, Emily <3

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