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Trending~Animal Couture

Hello lovely readers and followers! I know it’s Monday, but I hope you’re having a great start to your week. I know for us college students it’s crunch time with midterms and end of the semester preparations.

You know what always cheers me up? Cute animals! (Cats of Instagram anyone?) So naturally, I want animals to be a part of my everyday life. Even though you may be like me and have a furry friend at home to cuddle your stress away, what about when you leave?


I found the solution! Now you can “wear” your favorite cute animal! Pet themed sweaters, jewelry, and purses are trending right now, and they make an easy Halloween costume. Cats, puppies, owls, and other critters are making it onto everything this season. Wear these items with a nice jacket and jeans for a polished everyday look.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any pets? Tell me in the comments below!

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Victorian-Gothic Elegance

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sorry for missing last week’s fashion Friday. Thank you all for being so patient with me as I navigate school, writing, and life ^_^

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I know that many Christians have different takes on how they celebrate it, or whether they celebrate it at all. As long as you follow what God is leading you to do, then I say good for you! To all of you who celebrate Halloween in some way (even if it’s making new traditions), Happy Halloween!

Today’s fashion post is not Halloween related specifically, but it is a little dark and moody. In art history I studied the Gothic era of design and fell in love with it (along with medieval art). I love fusing this into my own clothes, to create a dark yet delicate edge.

Of course, when I say Gothic, I am not referring to the new counter culture movement of today. I am referring to the periodic style of art and design that erupted in Northern Europe. I made some collages of a modern day, romantic Victorian-Gothic fashion for all of you to have fun with. Have a good weekend and stay warm!



 Black lace is so romantic! It is also perfect for fall and winter. Pair it with combat boots for an edgy look.

Floral Edge

On the Edge

On the Edge by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring a black skirt

Who says you have to wear all black to be edgy? Deep sapphire and burgundy are rich, especially in floral prints. 

Victorian Elegance

Victorian Elegance

Victorian Elegance by fearfullywonderfullyme featuring black booties

Sweaters and studded boots are a must for an edgy, casual look. I never once thought about owning a parasol, but if I found one this cute I could make an exception!

I hope you had fun reading this! Add some lace and dark colors to your wardrobe and rock your inner Gothic elegance!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment and share 🙂


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