• How Do We Begin Again?
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    How Do We Begin Again?

    Where to begin?  Isn’t that everyone’s question right now?  Maybe we’re not asking the right question. Maybe the appropriate question is how do we begin again? I find it funny that the longer I walk with Jesus, the more complicated life can get.  Beautiful. Tragic. Life.  “I’ve never seen anything like this.” My parents echoed this quote during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. And it still rings true today.  Sickness. Disaster. Division. Racism. Violence. Hatred. Lawlessness.  The symptoms of the fall of man are flaring, and the earth is groaning for a Savior.   People are walking around with all kinds of hurt. My black brothers and sisters are fighting…

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    How to Love a Broken World

    Hello lovely readers and followers! I know that some of you have been experiencing trouble viewing my blog. I fixed the issue, so if you’re still having any difficulties please comment below or contact me here 🙂 This post is inspired by an article on the blog ReThink. I love their refreshing views and call to action on the violence attacks in America.   Sometimes it feels just like this world is falling apart doesn’t it? Violence is spreading like wildfire in the form of terrorism, war, racism, and shootings. People are mad, and the U.S. is restless. I don’t know about you but turning on the news or scrolling through Facebook kind of makes me…