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    The Truth About Shame

    I have a confession to make. I am twenty-three years old, and am just learning how to drive. It’s a huge victory in my battle with a chronic illness that prevented me from driving. But it’s also a struggle. Learning to drive isn’t easy–at least not for me (and not for the poor souls who help me practice). And to be honest, it makes me anxious. Though I am getting better with every lesson, I still feel a terrible, self-defeating feeling that shrouds me in darkness. I’m talking about shame. The Poison of Shame Merriam-Webster defines shame as “a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety.” This feeling,…

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    The Lie of the Good Enough Christian

    Most of the time my Instagram feed is filled with posts about fashion and food (which are two things  I am very passionate about). However, there are posts that really make you stop and think wow, I really needed that. I wanted to share one of these posts from @cultureandgod with you today. Do you ever feel like God is unapproachable? Maybe you’ve repented of your sins and asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. Now what? How do I become a good enough Christian? How do I prove myself worthy to God? The simple truth is that you can’t. Sorry to all of my fellow recovering perfectionists out…

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    Guilt vs Grace

    Thanks so much for your patience dear followers and readers! My blog schedule is a little messed up because I have been struggling with my health these past few weeks. Thank you for your support and prayers!  Grace. It’s amazing isn’t it? At least that’s what we always sing in church or at a funeral. However, there are so many Christians who are strangers to the freeing beauty of God’s never ending grace. Sometimes it seems that the devil will stop at nothing to keep us from the flood of grace that comes from knowing Jesus. I know that I’ve written about my perfectionist nature quite a few times and how…