• How a Season of Growth Can Transform Your Faith
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    How a Season of Growth Can Transform Your Faith

    It was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. And believe me, I dream of some crazy stuff. I rolled the ankle of my jeans up to reveal tiny green stems with leaves sprouting from my legs. Yes, lovely reader, I was Groot (any Guardians of the Galaxy fans out there?). I was seriously freaked out by this dream, and paranoid that I really would become some sort of plant woman. This was only a few months ago, but I had forgotten about it until spring came with its budding trees. For me, this dream represents growth. Growing is never easy, and something that all of us…

  • What Failure taught me about surrender
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    What Failure Taught Me About Surrender

    Ever have one of those days when your thoughts seem to be haunting you? Lately, those days have been frequent for me. I feel as though God has been working on me about confidence and my identity in Christ, but my own mind likes to self-sabotage. Life is changing rapidly for me, as I am finishing college and will be getting a real “adult” job. The class and internship work is piling up, and now I know what my friends meant by the term senioritis. All of this is a recipe for stress and opportunity, and that also means failure. And I hate failing. I really hate failing. As a…

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    FirstFruits~Why You Were Created

    Hello lovely readers and followers! Welcome to Part 3 of the FirstFruits series, where we continue to explore the concepts of James 1. James 1 focuses on the Christian under trials. Most of us know what it’s like to experience trials and losses, and it doesn’t make us feel very special. It doesn’t always make us feel very loved. Yup, I went there. It’s hard to feel loved by God when your whole world is falling apart. After all, where is God when all of these awful things are happening–when we’re persecuted, grieving, or fighting a battle? Why is He letting these things happen to us?  Do not be deceived,…

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    Sometimes I get lost at sea. The waves billow over And I’m drowning– Reaching out my arms for something I cannot see. Surrender. It’s the word of life, But it’s also easier said than done. Everywhere I look there’s a storm. As I’m thrown into the waters, My body is weighed down. I break through the surface, Fighting for my life aimlessly. When will the struggle end? When will my fight be enough To win the battle? Darkness overwhelms me, And soon I am falling– Drowning deeper into the depths Of these murky waters. All hope is lost… Until I see the light, Faintly glowing from the surface. I stretch…