• What Godly Confidence Really Looks Like
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    What Godly Confidence Really Looks Like

    Nothing can squelch self-confidence like having health issues. Having physical limitations and not being like everyone else is hard. And it’s something I’ve struggled with for the last six years. Although God has done tremendous healing in me and blessed me with excellent healthcare, there are still moments of struggle. One thing I choose not to do is drive. I have POTS and vertigo, which make driving uncomfortable. I have some visual sensory issues and great anxiety with driving, and this has affected my confidence in significant ways. Not only is not being able to drive inconvenient, but it’s also a little embarrassing when you’re almost 24 years old and…

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    The Most Beautiful Girl

    (Image Source) Yesterday was International Women’s Day–a day to celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of hardworking and inspiring women everywhere. Even though I am proud to be a woman of God and be honored with such a holiday, I can’t help but feel sad. So many girls and women struggle with the most basic of questions–am I beautiful? Even though to some the question of beauty shouldn’t be an issue to what a woman can accomplish, let me tell you that it is a huge deal. If a woman does not feel like she is beautiful, or if she is not comfortable in her own skin, then she cannot fully…